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10 Elegant Slip Dresses That Every Chill Bride Should Consider

Low-key gowns that are anything but boring.
Slip dresses may have gained popularity in the 1990s during the innerwear-as-outerwear movement, but they’ve now become classic wardrobe staples that can take you from day to night with just a change of accessories. Well, the same can be said about the

5 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress, According to Laureen Uy

It's super easy!
Contrary to popular belief, even celebrities and influencers repeat clothes! But hold your gasps—it's not entirely a new thing nor is it a daunting task. Even you can easily do so by being creative with your styling. Laureen Uy has three easy

Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban Just Had a Twinning Moment on the Red Carpet

They both wore a blue slip dress for Unbreakable's movie premiere.
Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban are back on the silver screen with their newest film, Unbreakable. The movie, which also stars Richard Gutierrez and Ian Veneracion, tells the story of two college best friends, whose friendship is put to the test because of their respective

Liz Uy Has a Simple Styling Tip for Holiday Dressing

Look chic with minimal effort!
When you’ve got different Christmas reunions lined up with different groups of people, knowing what to wear can prove to be quite the dilemma.But it's your lucky day because celebrity stylist and fashion icon Liz Uy gave out a pretty simple idea if you

Yam Concepcion Has an Easy Way to Style a Leopard Print Dress

We're telling you, it's not that difficult to pull off!
Yam Concepcion is really out here pushing our often-repeated plea: Please, please consider the leopard print dress! You've heard it from her yourself—below, check out her easy, ultra-versatile take on this potential wardrobe staple.Which is not to say that we don't understand

Here Are Chic Ways to Be a Hubadera in 2019

Should lingerie always stay hidden? Our answer is no.
"Underwear is a basic human right," Isla Fisher as the spend-happy Rebecca Bloomwood solemnly declared in 2009's book-based flick Confessions of a Shopaholic, and though we absolutely do not recommend you bury yourself in terrifying credit card debt just to snag some

15 Cute Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

It's comfy, stylish, and sultry!
Of all things '90s, our favorite closet hero from the nostalgic years has got to be the slip dress. It's everything we want in a garment after all: comfy, sultry, and universally flattering. But just how did this loungewear earn its place

LOTD: Kim Jones Has a Chic Way to Toughen Up a Slip Dress

Tres chic!
Slip dresses are a godsend from the '90s. It's a versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on your preference. Either way, it's a surefire trick to underline your femininity with its silken fabric and easy silhouette. But

5 Creative Ways to Re-Wear Your Bridesmaid's Dress

Get crafty!
If you're lucky enough to have a simple, versatile old bridesmaid's dress lying around, chances are you've worn it to countless other weddings and events after the original one. That's cool and all (and kudos to your bride friend for picking a

Here's Something You Didn't Know About Your Favorite Slip Dress

Another leg of fashion history, coming right up.
We're serious when we say "history." Let's throw things back all the way to the #problematic Middle Ages, where the very first traces of the slip dress can be found. A bit later on, the 18th century's style setters Marie Antoinette and

5 Layering Formulas That Don't Involve a Slip Dress

Let's shake things up a bit, shall we?
To no one's surprise, the relative ease in styling a slip dress has the whole world smitten. It has come to a point wherein our daily looks seem empty without it, so we decided it's time for a breather. Surely, we all

LOTD: Hailey Baldwin's Boxer Braids + Slip Dress Combo

One '90s throwback, coming right up.
It may already be the second week of January, but in our book, it's never too late to fawn over our fave celebs' New Year's Eve OOTDs. Case in point: Hailey Baldwin, who stepped out with her crew on the last evening

5 Trends That Are Now Considered Closet Staples

They’re the new classics.
Trends come and go but once in a while there are certain pieces that transcend from a fad to a fundamental. This happens when a piece is easily and immediately adapted by many and supported by a lot of brands and retailers.

Here’s How You Can Layer Like It’s Still the '90s

Channel your inner Cher Horowitz.
In the world of fashion, trends follow a cycle. As an example, the '90s fad is making a huge comeback—what goes around definitely comes around, as they say. And in this karmic sense, we see more than just crop tops, chokers and

23 Slip Dresses to Wear to Your Friend’s Wedding

And even recycle it for the next!
There are days when we look at what our peers are wearing and feel like the ‘90s never really left. Case in point: slip dresses. Since the boom of intimate wear as outerwear, the silky, strappy number your grandma calls a “half

10 Slip Dresses For When You Have Nothing to Wear

Pay the lingerie department a visit.
This summer, we're taking our slip dresses out of the boudoir and onto the streets. Comfy chic doesn't always have to mean a plain white tee and jeans because the slip dresses we know can be styled in pretty much the same