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How Fluent Are You with the Gen-Z Internet Slang?

Join Patricia Prieto and Ylona Garcia as they try to decode this generation's Internet language.
Every generation has its own set of made-up words unique to their time. Meaning, keeping up with the current youth entails getting in on their vocab. While we've already schooled ourselves on millennial terms aplenty in the past, it's time to move

15 Millennial Slang Words To Know Now

Time to update your vocab!
The world changes and moves on fast. To keep up and better understand the Internet lingo, you have to get updated with the new slang circulating the net. Here are 15 essential millennial slang that you ought to know.This acronym stands for

10 New Millennial Slang Terms and How to Use Them

In case you want to stay up to date vocabulary-wise.
Instagram's great and all, but it can get stressful trying to achieve the perfect feed. You might want to consider getting a "finsta," which is short for "fake Instagram," an alternative (and often private) account on the social media platform that's more