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Fashion + music = party time.
Model/DJ? Puh-lease! That’s not even half of what these party DJ’s are. Multi-hyphenated millenials may be the thing of this day and age, but these ladies prove that girls really do run the world. They’ve claimed their throne in music, fashion, media,

The Sky Was The Limit At The Live In Levi's Party

See who partied it up with Sky Ferreira at the Live In Levi's launch.
Everybody loves a good house party. It puts you on a relaxed kind of high by keeping everything so casual. This is exactly how things went at the launch of the new campaign of  Levi's, Live in Levi's. Red cups and blue

Here's The Deal With Sky Ferreira

We do a brief background check on this tough chick just in time for tomorrow night's gig.
With her rouged lips, mussed blonde mane, and blasé gaze, you’d say that Sky Ferreira is a dead bell ringer of punk legend Debbie Harry. Sure, she’s got the tough demeanour similar the other famous blondie but Sky is a woman of