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FYI, This Is the Correct Order for Applying Your Skincare Products

Layer your skincare like a pro!
Organizing your skincare routine can be just as satisfying as Marie Kondo-ing your home. And we don't just mean cleaning up your product stash—arranging your skincare steps in the right order counts, too! It can be a little overwhelming at first, but

Amp Up Your Face Mask With This Easy Step

Who needs an expensive facial when you can get polished, glowing skin from the comfort of your own bathroom?
Is your skin looking a bit dull and lacklustre from all the stress school and work dumped on you? Sometimes, finding a window in your busy schedule to set an appointment with the derma seems quite impossible and this makes us turn

Watch: Pamper And Prettify

It's definitely possible to switch on your inner radiance courtesy of a facial massage. Here's how!
We get amazed with the fresh, glistening complexion of celebrities both foreign and local. Apart from having their own glam squad, their little secret is having their delicate faces undergo a soothing facial massage to wake up their blood circulation and boost