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Are Beauty Drips the Shortcut to Good Skin?

And are they for everyone?
Intravenous modalities are making their way out of the hospitals and into the world of beauty. Intravenous nutrition have been making a big buzz in the recent months as it offers quick fixes, from instantly glowing skin to increased energy levels. More

Review: This 5-Step Skincare Routine Gave Me Clearer, Tighter Pores

I ditched my old beauty regimen and tried Origins' Original Skin line for two weeks.
The products under Origins’ Original Skin line all have one active ingredient in common: willowherb. It’s a flower known to withstand very extreme environments, so much so that “it’s the first plant to blossom on scorched earth.” According to studies, this plant

This Moisturizer Improved My Complexion in Just Three Months

My skin’s glowing, even-toned, and acne-free.
What: SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisture Gel Cream, P2950, available in all Shiseido boutiques and select SM Beauty StoresIMAGE Courtesy of ShiseidoWhat it is:At a press trip to Shiseido HQ in Tokyo, I discovered that the brand’s research has found that women in their

How to Successfully Switch to a K-Beauty Skincare Routine

Safely make the swap.
True-blue beauty girls know that skincare was never a trend—the concept has always been there since the beginning of time. But if you just started a solid skincare routine, or if you've realized you haven't been doing it correctly, or if you're wondering

Would You Spend P60,000 On This Cream?

I might!
Everyone knows the beauty industry is a money-making machine. With the emergence of aesthetic centers and the widening of the cosmetic market, millions of pesos go into the prettifying business. But just how far is too far?Kanebo’s Impress Granmula Cream sounds like

Best Of Beauty 2013: Skincare

Throughout 2013 we kept reaching for these stellar skin savers.
Like many things in life, sometimes all you need is a solid foundation. When it comes to skin, this is where skincare comes in. With the proper products to nourish your skin, your makeup goes on smoother, acne flare-ups become a thing

Exfoliation 101

Everything you need to know about exfoliating is here.
Our skin also needs a reboot for it to be in a healthy state. Exfoliation helps majorly in this process so we've answered the common questions linked to skin polishing.Why do you need to exfoliate? We naturally shed our skin every three weeks,

Beauty Lab: Skin Perfect

A painless trip to the dermatologist? It's possible!
As a newly christened Style Bible beauty gal, I knew that sooner or later I’d find myself trying out a skin procedure or two. To jump start my initiation, I was assigned to try Skin Perfect’s Desincrustation Treatment, a toning procedure that

Overnight Sensation

Human Nature gives a new meaning to beauty sleep.
Instant cures and remedies are often top of the woman-on-the-go's beauty list, and proudly Filipino-made and organic brand Human Nature acts like a fairy godmother by creating a product to answer this. The Overnight Elixir is a mixture of powerhouse oils locally

Best Wrinkle Fighters

We present 9 time-reversing skincare products that really work.
Growing old is something we can't escape from. True, age is just a number, but when fine lines start to appear out of nowhere, panic ensues. We always hear that prevention is the key to maintain that youthful glow but if you're

Beauty Lab: Iskin New York Transformation Kit

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tested out the skincare line for 30 days.
Whiter and more translucent skin is the common goal of most Filipinas. Any bottle that says “Brightening” or “Whitening” instantly widens their eyes. They go straight to the cashier to take the whitening concoction home. In fact, women in their mid-20s should

Why We Clap At The Sight Of This Tube

Finally, a BB cream for the warmer Filipina skintone
It seems the BB Cream is the go-to beauty product of almost every girl! It's a great one-step beauty item; it covers imperfections without the heavy feeling of foundation in one swipe. The sad truth is that most BB creams do not

Decoding The Alphabet Creams

A straightforward 101 on BB Creams and CC Creams
With all the alphabet creams popping in the beauty counters every now and then, you might get dazed and confused which one you should take to the cashier. Should you go for the classic BB or the more sophisticated CC cream? Read

Mesoestetic Collagen 360

Eunice Lucero goes against the clock with the latest anti-agers.
I think it was Preview’s Pauline Juan who once said that the difference of a beauty girl with others is that the former goes down fighting. Both the Preview and Style Bible girls are testament to this, as we’ve tried most everything

5 Skin Savers To Try Right Now

The best products to answer your most common skin problems.
Not everyone is blessed with naturally flawless skin. Good genes aside, beautiful,  perfect skin takes work. When we say work, I mean a diligent skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. With everyone preferring sleep over vanity, most of the time we neglect

Flawless: Cell Booster Infusion Mask

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente tries out their stem cell-based facial.
After introducing an affordable stem cell-based product line,  Flawless, one of the country's leading face and body clinics, offers their most advanced facial treatment yet, the Cell Booster Infusion Mask. The hydrogel mask has a concentrated cocktail of cell-activating nutrients that enhances skin


Eunice tries the exceptional Spanish skin peeling system.
I do still remember the glory days of my complexion. They’re now clouded in a romantic haze of nostalgia—back when I didn’t even own a single tube of concealer (I balked when Cindy Crawford lauded it as her desert-island must-bring), three hours

The 411 On Cc Creams

The real deal about the latest alphabet cream phenomenon.
First it was the BB (Blemish Balm) cream that shook the beauty industry. Multi-taskers that act as a tinted moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen, it first gained ground in Europe and had its popularity spread like wildfire in East Asia. The buck didn't

La Mer Whitening Facial

We try out La Mer's Whitening Facial.
I am a fan of any skincare product with brightening properties. I'm too wary of the sun damage--wrinkles and darkening--that my skin battles day-to-day so when I discovered that luxury beauty brand La Mer is introducing a whitening facial mask, I just had

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins latest offering promises complete age control.
Built on 27 years of research, Clarins latest offering is the newest formula of their Double Serum. Similar to previous formulations, this update goes a step further: Now women have both water-based (hyric) and oil-based (lipidic) anti-aging treatments in one bottle. This biomimetic double-phase formula