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FYI, This Is the Correct Order for Applying Your Skincare Products

Layer your skincare like a pro!
Organizing your skincare routine can be just as satisfying as Marie Kondo-ing your home. And we don't just mean cleaning up your product stash—arranging your skincare steps in the right order counts, too! It can be a little overwhelming at first, but

Here's the Best Serum Formula for You, According to Your Skin Type

It'll take your skincare routine to the next level.
Serums make your skincare routine more powerful than it already is. It elevates the effect of your everyday steps, doing all the heavy lifting so all you need to do is wait for results. And aside from being consistent, the most important

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Combination Skin

It's a confusing skin type, to say the least.
Ah, combination skin—the skin type that can't seem to make up its mind. Is it oily? Is it dry? Is it both? It's truly hard to tell, and we can't blame you for being confused. But one thing is for sure, though—if

14 Best Foundations for Dry Skin

Get extra coverage while keeping dry patches at bay.
If you have dry skin, we're pretty sure you're quite familiar with the challenge of finding the perfect foundation. With so many matte products out there that would just worsen everything, some people would opt not to use a base altogether.When your

How to Pick the Right Foundation Based on Your Skin Concern

Still haven't found your perfect match? Read on.
From skin tone, skin type, down to foundation shade—here's a quick matching game to help you find your best match.Much like the first BBs, the CCs have gotten complaints about how one shade doesn't fit all. So big thanks Make Up Factory,

Here's the Best Blush Formula for You According to Your Skin Type

Cream, liquid, gel, or powder?
When it comes to blush, it’s not just about color. The real secret to pulling off the perfect flush lies in “finding the right formula for your skin type—just like you would for your foundation,” explains celebrity makeup artist John Pagaduan. Before

Here's How to Deal with Oily, Dehydrated Skin

As ironic as that may sound, it actually exists.
It didn't take a lot of guesswork for me to figure out my skin type: I tend to get shiny all over (which means I'm oily), and I break out often and quite easily (which means I'm acne-prone, duh). It's a common

The Best Powder Foundations for Every Skin Type

Find your match!
Some people believe that powder foundations are only for oily skin, but the hundred different formulations out in the market beg to differ. A natural-looking matte finish won't ever go out of style, and every skin type can rock it on occasion.

The Best Cushion Foundations for Every Skin Type

No more trial-and-errors!
Cushion foundations have been around for a while now, which means brands have basically released one for every skin color, concern, and most importantly, skin type. Gone are the days when only those with pale, dewy skin could reach for a compact!

Here's How to Figure Out Your Skin Type Once and for All

Are you dry, oily, or something in between?
Before venturing deeper into skin care, you have to confirm what your skin type is. You have to be at least 98% certain so you'll be able to choose the best products for your skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or

Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

Behold, you can finally meet your foundation soulmate.
Finding the best foundation for your face is like looking (and waiting) for your Prince Charming. It can go from a simple fairy tale to a tedious, trial-and-error process. There are various factors to consider before you take home one: skin type,