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10 Reasons Why Retinol Is the Secret to Smooth, Poreless Skin

It's one of the best ingredients out there!
Most of you probably associate retinol with skincare for older women, and we don't blame you. Derived from vitamin A, this ingredient is common found in many age-defying products as it helps encourage faster cell turnover in the skin. It therefore famously

This Skin Care Ingredient Is Amazing for Fading Acne Scars

It helps in brightening, too!
For overall skin rejuvenation, one ingredient always stands out in our minds. Especially effective when it comes to lightening acne scars and pigmentation, this also won't cause skin to peel off nor make you look like a tomato. Introducing, niacinamide.According to Dr.

7 Ingredients You Need to Avoid When You're Breaking Out

Your skin is better off without these.
Similar to all emergencies, panicking is not a great way to get over a breakout. Instead of trying every acne product out there, play it cool and be extra careful about your skin care instead. Read the ingredients list on everything in

The Beauty Regimen You Need When You’re in Your 50s

Age with grace.
At this age group, your body is preparing itself to go into menopause. And while that may be a relief for most women, your skin will also gradually slow down in developing estrogen. Estrogen helps in skin cell production, protecting the skin

5 Oils That Improve Your Skin Without Making You Greasy

And we're not talking about plain coconut oil.
Oils are probably the best thing that you can add to your skin care. And we’re not talking about plain and boring coconut and argan oil. There’s so much more where those came from, and there are actually oils that help improve

8 Ingredients to Look for When Shopping for Skin Care Products

This will make your shopping a lot easier!
When shopping for skin care, you can't always trust what it claims on the box. You need to train your own eyes to go straight to the ingredients list instead. This is because skin care products need to have the right components