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7 Internet-Famous DIY Skincare Hacks You Should Never Try

Toothpaste is for your teeth, not for your pimples!
Who doesn't love a good beauty hack? We sure do, but with the number of tips and tricks circulating around the internet, it can be hard to tell which ones are good or bad. Below, we break down the top homemade remedies

How to Combat Skin Woes That Make You Look Older

Hyperpigmentation? Fine lines? Here's what you need.
Your road to youth starts with the best base—your skin. Three skin experts weigh in on the signs of aging.PROBLEM: Hyperpigmentation“For the face, early signs are sun spots or melasma (small patches of dark color).” —Dr. Vicki BeloPrevent: “The best prevention is

Ancient Chinese Skin Care Rituals You Should Try Now

The Chinese got game when it comes to skin care, too!
By now, the power of K-beauty is no longer a secret thanks to their iconic 10-step skin care routine along with the rest of their serums, face masks and power beauty products. But when it comes to the skin care game, the

The Two Products You Need to Achieve Glowing "Honey Skin"

Cop that blinding glow.
Way before "glass skin" was a thing, there was "honey skin." While glass skin focuses on texture and a transparent and reflective finish, honey skin is about the plumpness and hydration of one's complexion. And like all Korean beauty ideals, we can't

Here's How You Should Remove Different Types of Makeup

For a clean sweep!
Every makeup look you wear has one thing in common—at the end of the day, you have to remove it. Below, we share our methods of choice for reviving that clean slate:1. Everyday makeupUse: Cleansing milkWith or without water, this two-way remover

Here's How You Can Buy More Sheet Masks for Less Money

Make it a daily habit!
Your sheet mask addiction might be draining your bank account, so let's take a step back and think of a plan: Is there a way to get glowing skin without spending 100 bucks per masking session? We say, definitely. Keep scrolling to

3 Ways to Reapply Sunscreen Over a Full Face of Makeup

Yep, it's possible!
If applying sunscreen is already in your daily beauty regimen (as it should be), then surely you also know the importance of reapplying it every few hours! Rightttt? Even while wearing a full face of makeup, retouching your SPF is crucial. And

How to Tell If a Product Is Causing Your Breakouts

Sensitive skin? Read up!
Every time we spend money on a product, we obviously want it to work. Which is why, we find it hard to throw something away—even when we suspect that it might be the cause of our breakouts. You can call it foolish,

7 Ways to Enhance Your Summer Tan

Show off that color!
With all the outdoor activities you're bound to do this summer, the sun will eventually catch up with you. We don't mean sunburn, of course. We're talking the loveliest beach souvenir of them all—a summer tan.When flaunted the right way, your new

A Lazy Girl's Guide to a Low-Maintenance Skin Care Routine

Start slow!
The ideal skin care regimen is way more than just using a facial wash. The skin is threatened every day by pollution, UV rays, and other environmental factors, so it needs to be nourished with skin care products to be resilient against