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We Want Everything from Shu Uemura's Pikachu Makeup Collection

Pokemon, but make it fashion!
The realm of beauty and anime have finally collided. Japanese cosmetics giant Shu Uemura and Pokémon worked together to create the cutest makeup collaboration!The collab features the iconic Pikachu character, and it's aptly named the Pikashu collection (we are loving the wordplay

This Filipina Model Just Landed an International Beauty Campaign

Charlene Almarvez stars in Shu Uemura's new foundation campaign.
We just spotted a familiar face on Shu Uemura's Instagram, and it's none other than Filipina model Charlene Almarvez. She stars in the campaign for the Japanese beauty brand's Unlimited Foundation, which boasts of a wide shade range for a variety of skin tones.

You’ll Love This Adorable, Hilarious Shu Uemura Collab Ad

Starring brand ambassador Naomi Watanabe, naturally!
Beloved Japanese beauty label Shu Uemura is releasing another collab collection with brand ambassador Naomi Watanabe, and you’ll love their adorable campaign photos!Titled Now Me, a play on the famed comedian and model’s name, the line is Shu and Naomi’s second tie-up

15 Best Eyebrow Products for Achieving Fuller-Looking Brows

Perfect your arch with the best pencils, gels, and more!
Getting your dream brows isn't always the easiest task. Before you get there, you'll need to shape them, groom them, or let them grow if you accidentally overplucked them a decade ago. There's also the option to have them microbladed, which could

Shu Uemura Is Finally Available in the Philippines Again!

Here's where to shop.
Two years after closing all retail stores in the Philippines, Shu Uemura is back to serve all our makeup and skincare needs. The Japanese beauty brand is setting up shop online via starting tomorrow, January 22—so yes, you can finally stock up on your fave

What to Buy from Shu Uemura Before It's Too Late

Makeup artists react to the news, and weigh in on their favorites.
It's official—all Shu Uemura counters and boutiques in the Philippines will be gone by April. And as expected, the news brought sadness to many who adore Shu's products, including makeup artists who began their careers with the brand.Xeng Zulueta, chief makeup artist

Shu Uemura is Closing All Counters and Boutiques in the Philippines

L'Oréal Philippines has confirmed the sad news.
We hate to break it to you but Shu Uemura is exiting the Philippine market. By April of this year, all counters and boutiques will be shut down.In a statement released to Preview, Shu Uemura's official distributor said, "L’Oréal Philippines has become

A Peek Inside a Preview Editor's Makeup Kit

Features and Copy Editor Jae De Veyra Pickrell shares her stash and tips on perfecting a cat eye.
Don't let the number of products mislead you. Recently, I've become somewhat of a makeup minimalist, only really concerned about filling in my unfortunately sparse eyebrows. But since decency and my job dictate that I try harder, I line my eyes, too—begrudgingly

Shu Uemura Collabs with Our Fave Parisian Boutique, Maison Kitsune

Did we mention Kitsune's opening in Hong Kong?
K.I.M. by Kitsune, a nod to South Korea. (Images via @kitsune)The Japanese-French connection continues.Parisian clothing and music label Maison Kitsune (Japanese for "fox") is collaborating with Shu Uemura for a holiday collection, WWD reported. Launching between October and December, it has 23 makeup

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Makes More Money Than You Do

She's a millionaire and we're talking euros. Meow.
Karl Lagerfeld's cat earned over three million euros last year. According to the 81-year-old fashion designer, his blue-eyed Birman kitty named Choupette Lagerfeld raked in a staggering three million euros, roughly 3.3 million dollars, after teaming up with make up brand Shu Uemura

Steal The Look: Kim Kardashian's Smoky Eye Makeup

Keep up with this Kardashian's signature look.
For someone who just turned 34, Kim Kardashian has already gone from being Paris Hilton’s sidekick to Kanye West’s wife and a reality TV star with a wildly popular game app to boot. Not to mention, this undisputed selfie queen is yet

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: The No-makeup Look

We love how these celebs look picture-perfect without going overboard in the makeup department.
It takes the right makeup to do the no-makeup look, and when it comes to looking fresh and naturally beautiful, these ladies just knock it out of the park. Seeing how they can manage to look picture-perfect without piling on tons of

Ryza Cenon's Fave Lippies

The young actress shares 5 of her favorite lipsticks for every occasion.
Ryza Cenon has come a long way since winning Starstruck years ago. A certified GMA homegrown artist, we've seen her grow through the years from one TV show to another, and we just can't help but admire her acting chops and all-star

What To Pack For A Summer Rave

Enjoy bass drops and dance breaks without breaking your cool.
As Closeup’s Forever Summer and Summer Siren Festival draw near, all we can think about is enjoying some electronic dance music under the summer sun. From keeping the UV rays at bay to preventing makeup meltdowns, we run through our top products

5 Sandal-worthy Polish Shades

Welcome sandal season with a pretty pedicure.
When the toes come out, they better be painted and prepared! As the summer heat circles in close, we’re anticipating a slew of toe cleavage and a whole lot of open-toed footwear. Today, we round up our favorite bright polishes and how

What To Stash In Your Date Clutch

We clue you in on our four date night essentials.
First thing’s first, if you’re on a date with a boy, chances are they don’t want to be staring at a caked on face, so keep your makeup look at a minimal. Another thing, minimal makeup means less touch-ups, and less touch-ups

Perfect Pairs

Add these fail-safe beauty combos to your arsenal of primp tips.
Like molten lava cake and vanilla ice cream, some things are just meant to be together. Same goes with our beauty stash. Through years of experimentation and research we’ve concocted a few tried and tested pairings that’ll help you in a pinch.

Pretty In Paris

Steal two looks from this month's cover girl.
Ahhh, the City of Lights. No other city in the world has the allure and romance of Paris, and what better way to capture that feeling than by wearing two beauty looks that scream très belle? Utilizing tonal shades and bold elements,

Lipstick Special: Top 10 Nude

Get naked with these stellar nude lippies.
When people think of lipstick, they usually think of a bold red mouth and nothing else. But unbeknownst to others, the much-neglected nude lip is the weapon of many a bombshell. Why, you ask? Think of this: Bridgitte Bardot with her heavily