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This P290 Body Wash Makes My Showers Feel More Luxurious

This body wash could upgrade your routine, too!
Love Beauty and Planet's Majestic Glow Body Wash with Murumuru Butter and Rose has been chosen by the Preview team as the Best Body Wash of 2019. This and 24 other products were reviewed by 25 real girls for this year's Preview

How to Moisturize Your Body Without Feeling Sticky

Get your body glowing.
As citizens of an extremely humid country, we've all probably began swearing off moisturizing our body at one point. Our most common complaints include the fact that everything feels too sticky or that it's just not hydrating enough. It's definitely a struggle!

Our Current Beauty Obsessions

Check out which products we can't help but rave about.
In a fast-paced life of an editor, it’s our job to weed out the bad from the good. But when a product lands in our daily rotation, then we know we’ve got a gem to keep. From hair savers to scent addictions,

#tiptuesday: Get A Closer Shave

Get your legs ready for bikini season with this nifty tidbit.
I’m all for quick fixes, which is why I think the razor is a God-sent. In just under three minutes, you go from hairy beast to the smoothest kid in town. So for this week’s edition of #TipTuesday, before you get started

Make Your Fragrance Last All Day

Get to know the art that is scent layering.
Us pinoys love smelling good. I mean what other country has citizens that bathe an average of twice a day? Aside from our compulsive bathing habits, we’ve got a little obsession with anything fragrant. Think I’m lying? Check out the shampoo aisle

Bath Time Buzz

Up the luxury factor of your soaking experience with these bubbly picks.
Though stewing in your own filth calls to mind gruesome images of multiplying bacteria and such, a bath works pretty well at washing the day’s stress away (trust me). Add a scented candle, some bubbles, and one of Norah Jones’ albums in

Best Of Beauty 2013: Hand And Body

Take a look at our favorite hand and body products that rocked our world in 2013.
Your body is a temple, so you shouldn’t neglect it. It needs refurbishing and repairs, and our list will tend to every nook and cranny from sheets to the streets. So, for the last leg of our Best of Beauty 2013 list,

Shower Essentials

We share must-have bathroom basics for the perfect shower session.
We've been inundated by makeup and skincare lately, and we think it's time our humble shower stash gets a much-needed shoutout. The bathroom is considered a sacred place because it's where you cleanse all the dirt—and bad vibes—away (and it's actually the

Bathtime Bloomers

Watsons introduces SakuraBella, a range of bath products infused with cherry blossom extracts.
While we spend most of our time caring for our complexions, we often forget to keep the rest of our skin feeling and looking youthful. Like our faces, our bodies need products that help in the aging process to keep skin supple