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These Local Influencers Will Convince You to Wear Padded Tees

Trust us, you’ll want to get one, too!
It’s easy to see why celebrities and influencers alike have been donning a wardrobe basic that is becoming known to all. Enter the padded shoulder tee, a relaxed T-shirt with shoulder pads, perfect for dressing down in the hot, sunny and humid

Yes, '80s Shoulder Pads Are Back In Style

Step into fashion's current favorite decade of yore.
"I'm craaazy for you," we croon in a Madonna-esque attempt to profess our newly-rekindled love for the eighties shoulder pad. The Fall-Winter 2017 runways over at Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, and Marques Almeida join in the warbling choir, sending larger-than-life iterations of

Decoding the ‘80s Style

Don’t you forget about this colorful decade!
The 1980s was probably the most colorful decade yet. It is the era mostly remembered for neon and sequins, colored legwarmers and spandex. Who wouldn’t remember this period that popularized shoulder pads and thigh high slits, right? Here's how you can get