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The 7 Best Couriers to Use for Your Online Shopping Needs

Shop 'til you drop!
We've all been there: finding an item you want to buy online and pulling back after thinking about the miscellaneous charges you'll incur once it lands here... or worse, finding out that a site doesn't even ship to the Philippines to begin

Heart Evangelista Has a Clever Trick When Shopping for Designer Items

"Sometimes someone's trash is someone else's treasure."
Designer items have an undeniably hefty cost—be it for an It bag, a statement shoe, or a key runway piece. But despite their often-six-figure price tag, they're usually worth the investment. In 2018, Telegraph UK reported that a white gold and diamond-encrusted Hermès

Women in Their 40s Give Fashion Advice to Their 20-Year-Old Self

From ditching fast fashion to investing in classic pieces, these impeccable ladies share words of the wise to their younger selves.
We’re used to seeing lists of young achievers accomplishing impressive feats at such a young age. There are lists upon lists of 25 under 25, 30 under 30, celebrating these accomplishments. But what about the storied lives of women who have gone

How to Have the Perfect Wedding Gown Shopping Experience

Based on first-hand experience of a pretend bride
Perhaps I should start with a disclaimer (just to prevent word getting to my mother that her daughter is fitting wedding gowns with neither her knowledge nor her blessing): I am not a bride-to-be nor do I have a rock on my

12 Closet Must-Haves According to Some of Manila’s Top Stylists

Do you have all these pieces in your wardrobe already?
Putting together a wardrobe that will stand the test of time can become quite daunting for anyone. Luckily, these stylists are sharing some of their own closet staples to help you get started on the fashionably-heeled foot.1. “Linen pants are the perfect

Lovi Poe Is a Proud Outfit Repeater and Here's Why

Tips from a practical shopper!
One thing Lovi Poe has in mind whenever she shops for clothes is she has to be able to wear them more than once. People who like posting OOTDs on social media seldom repeat their outfits, but the 29-year-old actress doesn't mind, wearing

10 Ways to Incorporate Jewelry Into Your Everyday Looks

It's not as intimidating as it seems!
Buying real jewelry can be an daunting task—perhaps both for your pocket and for your sartorial knowledge. But don't fret, we're here to give you easy tips to keep in mind when you're on a mission to finding the perfect investment accessory

9 Perfume Shopping Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Real beauty girls tell us how.
A bottle of perfume definitely costs a pretty penny, which is why you shouldn't take shopping for it lightly. You simply can't spray something once, head straight to the cashier, and expect things to work out. Strolling the perfume aisle may sound

5 Things to Avoid When Shopping at Thrift Stores

Stay away from these common clutter culprits.
It's safe to say that many find thrift store shopping exciting. Think about it—you get to unearth one-of-a-kind items from other people's curated collections, buy it for cheap, and take your new finds home with you. However, this thrill of seeking new treasures

5 Shopping Tips Every Petite Girl Must Know

Take note!
While being petite comes with a lot of perks a.k.a. you always look adorably young, having a tiny frame can be challenging, too—especially when it comes to shopping for new clothes to wear. To make sure that you fill your closets with

10 Things Shopaholics Didn't Know They Could Do to Save Money

Tip number 1: Buy expensive things.
Did you just go on another impulsive shopping spree then whine “I’m so poor”? Well then, join the club! There's more to life than just clothes, and shoes, and bags, and watches (well, you get the picture), which is why today, I

The Eco-conscious Way To Shop

Here's a quick guide to smart shopping.
Let’s face it, the word “sale” usually causes us to shell out cash on an item we probably wouldn’t notice if it were hanging on a mannequin with a regular price tag. Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned that items one