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5 Stylish Space-Saving Hangers You Can Shop Online

This is your sign to tidy up your closet.
So, you've spent the last few months purchasing new finds online every time life got a little stressful, anxiety-inducing, or just plain boring. While that probably means you've got a large stockpile of aesthetic home-decor pieces and new clothes at home, you

9 Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds You Can Shop Now

Because we all need to tune out the world every now and then.
We all need to tune out the rest of the world once in a while and in the busy, crowded streets of Metro Manila, there’s no better way to do that than with noise-cancelling wireless earbuds. While there are also headphones that

5 Compact Machines for the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

These machines may be small but they're efficient, save-spacing, and most of all, can brew a strong cup.
Learning to make your own cup off coffee at home has sort of become a rite of passage during the pandemic. Why risk yourself for a coffee run when you can recreate your usual brew in the comforts of your home, right?

7 Must-Have Items to Shop If You Want to Sleep Better at Night

From calming teas to pillow mists that really work.
Having trouble catching some Zs? Hard same. Whether the reason for your lack of sleep stems from stress, anxiety, school, work, or even just binging too many shows on Netflix, it won’t hurt to shop for items that’ll ease your slumber.From pillow

5 Cool, Celebrity-Approved Gadgets That Will Level Up Your Home

Looking for new gadgets to spruce up your home experience?
We all want our humble abodes to be as cozy and convenient as can be, especially now at a time when most of us are sequestered in our homes 24/7. Apart from picking out aesthetically pleasing decor to spruce up our home’s

PSA: MUJI Is Permanently Slashing Up to P1000 Off Selected Items

Their minimalist products are now more affordable!
Japanese lifestyle store MUJI lives by a philosophy and design concept that promotes simplicity, universality, and rationality with a wide range of products that marry form and function and cater to the needs of pretty much everyone. As part of their aim

Here's Where to Shop for Vegan-Friendly Groceries Online

Thinking of switching to a healthier diet this new year?
It’s no doubt that vegan diets have become popular. The likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and so many other celebs have already made the switch! They've done it for a multitude of convincing reasons like a healthier lifestyle and a better mental

8 Clever Cleaning Gadgets That Basically Do the Work for You

Hate cleaning? Thanks to these gadgets, you really won't have to!
In a WFH set-up, having a spotless environment is essential. But, that also means you need to clean up after yourself all the time. Now, if you don't have the energy for it, then you might as well outsourec the job to

8 Pretty Planners Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

We may not have needed them in 2020, but it’s full steam ahead for 2021.
With a new year just around the corner, you might find yourself in need of a planner. Now, 2020 may have been a rather empty year for our social calendars, but 2021 is definitely a fresh start. It's a new year, one

8 Aesthetic Coffee Machines You Can Buy Right Now

Looking to upgrade your coffee station at home?
Coffee is often a non-negotiable drink for many adults. A cup of joe can make all the difference in the world! But given that the pandemic has disrupted our morning cafe runs and afternoon pick-me-ups, it only makes sense to finally invest

15 Sleek Black Tech Gadgets to Upgrade Your Home Office

We round up the coolest tech gadgets you'll want for your home office.
Looking to deck out your work space at home? Don't worry, you're not alone. Setting up an aesthetically pleasing home office can help us get in the zone—pesky clutter be gone—and lead us into accomplishing more. Now, ready to shop for sleek

15 Dainty Pink Tech Gadgets to Upgrade Your WFH Experience

Looking for cute, pink tech gadgets? Start here!
If you asked me back in March, the thought of working from home every day of the week felt like a temporary arrangement. However, present day dictates that it's our new reality. Now, being an introvert and homebody, adjusting to this new

8 Adorable Korean-Inspired Items to Add to Your Home

Like a cat-themed lamp!
Are you taking your Korean culture obsession to the next level? Perhaps you'd like to get started in redecorating your own space! Now, if you're not yet ready to make grand interior changes to make your home like it's straight out of