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This Is Why Shopping Is a Form of Cardio

Shop ‘til you drop, IRL.
Do new collections give you a rush of endorphins? Does your heart race when the pair of shoes you’ve been lusting after is in your size? Do your eyes light up at the mere mention of sale? Do you take great pride in

The Eco-conscious Way To Shop

Here's a quick guide to smart shopping.
Let’s face it, the word “sale” usually causes us to shell out cash on an item we probably wouldn’t notice if it were hanging on a mannequin with a regular price tag. Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned that items one

The 500-peso Ukay-ukay Staff Challenge

Who bought the most items and stayed within budget? Place your bets now!
Nothing's impossible for a girl who was born to shop. Multiply that by four and you'll have us! If there is one thing we can do anytime, anywhere, it would have to be shopping our hearts out; so give us a challenge like

Staff Challenge: New Year's Eve Attire

Style Bible editors pick out what to wear as we usher in 2014!
We’re all excited to brew our best year yet, but for today’s agenda, we tackle what we would wear on New Year’s Eve! May you be spending it with your family and friends, you and I both know that we should always

Pretty To Pig Out In

We style 3 looks that will allow you to indulge in all things merry (and yummy) this Christmas season.
As we step into December, we might as well expect to gain a pound or two (at the least) because we all know that the season is directly proportional to a whole lot of merry making a.k.a eating and drinking. It's that