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6 Local Online Stores That Sell Chic Minimalist Platform Sandals

This sandal is the perfect combination of comfort and style.
If you’re a shoe-a-holic like myself, you'll understand when I say that quarantine has definitely pivoted my footwear choices. I used to dream of the next statement heel or cool new boot I could wear about town and during my travels—but since

20 Comfy and Casual Shoes You Won't Regret Buying

Get ready to shop!
If you're looking for footwear that can stand the test of time, then you're in the right place! We're rounding up 20 pairs of chic and casual shoes you can wear every day that will effortessly complete all your ensembles and keep

5 Must-Have Heels Every Working Woman Should Own

Ace your shoe game by learning the basics.
We all know that heels can make or break an outfit, especially when we talk about dressing up to look stylish at work. If you’re trying to figure out which footwear goes with certain garments (and when to wear them), then you’ve

Editor's Picks: 5 Statement Pumps for the Holidays

Perfect pairs for all your festive celebrations!
Make a dramatic entrance with statement steppers you know will turn heads on and off the dance floor. The key to finding the perfect pair? Look-at-me details and colors that pop and sparkle even in the dimmest of light.Go Gold in GucciIMAGE

Inside the Shoe Closet of Georcelle Dapat-Sy

A peek into the ogle-worthy collection of G-Force's Founder and Artistic Director.
Georcelle Dapat-Sy loves to turn heads with her feet—and we're not even talking about her dancing.Obsessed with "look-at-me" heels, boots, flats, and even sneakers, she talks about romancing over the perfect pair like meeting her soulmate—and we definitely believe her. The G-Force

The Shoe Dictionary: Heels

Do you know which type you're always wearing?
Girls all know the love-hate relationship we have with wearing heels. It gives us the instant confidence boost we need once we step in them and the automatic posture correction we get from walking in them. But, we’re also familiar with blisters

11 Pairs of Flats You Can Wear to Work

Because you can.
If a typical work day for you means running around the metro for meetings, events, and countless errands, then you probably gave up on heels a long time ago. Well, by give up, we mean wearing them for an entire day. While