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Watch Regine Velasquez Give You a Tour of Her Shoe Closet

We're drooling.
Remember when legendary songstress Regine Velasquez made a Finsta filled completely with pictures of shoes? And remember when she raved about her extensive, growing collection in a vid with Preview? It's obviously no secret that Asia's Songbird is 100% stiletto-obsessed. In case

7 Clever Ways to Store Shoes If You Don’t Have a Shoe Cabinet

Let your creativity help you find a solution to your shoe organizing dilemma.
Aside from having too many clothes, you may be stressing over the overflowing amount of shoes you have inside your home and how to store them properly.If you don’t have space in your home for a large shoe cabinet, this issue may

10 Clever Ways to Organize Your Shoe Collection in a Small Closet

Let these nifty tricks help you keep your space neat and your favorite pairs in good condition.
Whether you love collecting sneakers or you share a tiny space with the family, it’s quite inevitable to have more than 20 pairs of shoes scattered all over the house. While some keep everything on a shelf near the door, there are

How to Make Sure Your Shoes Always Look Brand New

Consider this your shoe bible.
You don’t have to be shoe-obsessed to appreciate a well-organized and curated shoe closet. All you need is to set aside a day to evaluate its contents and classify them. In addition to storage strategies, proper care and maintenance of your shoes

7 Cool Shoe Closet Ideas We Can Get from Celebrities

See how Toni Gonzaga, Anne Curtis, and other celebs store and protect their YSLs and Louboutins.
Closets—these are the private spaces in our homes that contain our passions and obsessions. And girls and guys alike are definitely obsessed with shoes. But you don’t want to keep your prized collection stashed haphazardly in boxes in your hallway.Get your cue

Fashion Cheat Sheet: How to Tell Different Shoe Types Apart

Yes, a platform is different from a wedge heel!
It's of utmost importance to be schooled on fashion lingo, girls. We at Preview value your style education, and we hear you: it can get rather hard to tell certain shoe silhouettes apart. Like, aren't platforms and wedges pretty much the same thing?!

Iza Calzado Gives Us a Tour of Her Shoe Closet

She's living the Cinderella glass slipper dream!
Let's not pretend we don't all yearn for a Cinderella moment. In that regard, Iza Calzado is hands down living our dream! From Star Magic Balls to exotic travel jaunts, the 34-year-old actress has a pair of glass slippers to suit every