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Here's Where You Can Have Your Sneakers Cleaned and Restored

Have those yellow stains cured!
Let’s be real: Having dirty sneakers can ruin your whole look—even a much coveted pair will look bad if it has an obvious stain or an overlay of gray. Although there are cleaning agents and scrubbers readily available in the market, it’s

How to Make Sure Your Shoes Always Look Brand New

Consider this your shoe bible.
You don’t have to be shoe-obsessed to appreciate a well-organized and curated shoe closet. All you need is to set aside a day to evaluate its contents and classify them. In addition to storage strategies, proper care and maintenance of your shoes

7 Cool Shoe Closet Ideas We Can Get from Celebrities

See how Toni Gonzaga, Anne Curtis, and other celebs store and protect their YSLs and Louboutins.
Closets—these are the private spaces in our homes that contain our passions and obsessions. And girls and guys alike are definitely obsessed with shoes. But you don’t want to keep your prized collection stashed haphazardly in boxes in your hallway.Get your cue

How to Take Care of Every Shoe in Your Closet

Happy shoes, happy feet.
They say good shoes will take you to good places. But if you wear them out due to neglect and carelessness, you're stuck with misshapen pairs that you're bound to throw out after just a few uses. To keep this from happening,

5 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Shoes

Spot overusing your favorite pair!
1. You overuse them.Everyone has their own favorite pair, but if you wear (abuse) them every single day, they will deteriorate faster. It's best to keep at least three pairs of shoes on rotation to avoid extreme wear and tear.2. You neglect

Your Shoe Care Cheat Sheet

Here's how your beloved pairs can last longer without spending a buck!
Consider this scenario: After months (or even years) of keeping that one precious pair of shoes in storage, you finally decide to take them out again for a dinner or date night. But to your mascara-ruining horror, what used to be your