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7 Simple Things You Can Do to Get Shiny, Smooth Hair

Simple hacks only!
Are you so over frizzy hair? Well, you've come to the right place. Below, we share with you the easiest things you can change in your routine to score shiny smooth locks. We're pretty sure you'll flaunt TV commercial-worthy tresses in no

This 3-Step Routine Can Help You Achieve Healthy, Shiny Hair

Achieve the "glass hair" look at home!
The sleek and shiny finish of the "glass hair" trend isn't only visually pleasing. It also basically encapsulates every Filipina's hair goal given our country's humidity problems. The style makes hair look extremely healthy, too—free of frizz, split ends, and all signs

Here's a Simple Routine for Achieving Straight and Shiny Hair

Cop the glass hair trend you’ve been seeing on celebrities everywhere.
So this interesting "trend" coined as "glass hair" has emerged, and guess what? I absolutely think Filipinas are here for it…if we aren't already. Thing is, we've been obsessed with ultra-straight, ultra-glossy locks since even before Maria Clara's era, so girls, it’s

How to Get Shiny Hair Without Getting a Treatment

Shampoo commercial-worthy locks this way!
In achieving shiny hair, hydration is of utmost importance. It's not just up to your shampoo and conditioner to do this job, though, since our locks can get dehyrated midday or in between washes as well. Hence, when you find yourself dealing

3 Easy Steps to Achieving Shiny Hair

Always keep these in mind.
When it comes to the hair department, shiny locks are the equivalent of glowing skin. It's the optimal look for healthy tresses, and with the right push, your hair can achieve that lovely sheen in no time. Here's how:1. WASHHealthy hair starts