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FYI, This Is the Correct and Best Way to Use Your Sheet Masks

Don’t let even a drop of that essence go to waste.
Who doesn’t love spending some “me time” relaxing with a sheet mask on? Your skin’s soaking up that juicy essence with the promise it’ll be supple and glowing by the time you’re done. Could it get any better? Why yes, actually.Apart from

This Sheet Mask Will Instantly Brighten Your Skin and Calm Redness

Wake up to tight pores and plump skin every morning!
Leaders AC Dressing Skin Clinic Mask has been chosen by the Preview team as the Best Mask product of 2019. This and 24 other products were reviewed by 25 real girls for this year's Preview Girls' Choice Awards to see if these products truly

Your Guide to the Different Types of Sheet Masks

Not all sheet masks are created equal.
We love sheet masks. But after trying so many of them, we realized something about their effectiveness: The serums and essences in a sheet mask don't just do all the work; the mask's material/fabric matters, too!To help you navigate the different benefits

7 Skincare Products You Should Keep in Your Beauty Fridge

The colder, the better!
Storing products in the refrigerator is a classic trick for enhancing their cooling effect. But now, instead of putting your skincare faves next to your leftover dinner, the new trend is to make use of beauty fridges that are solely dedicated for

Pond's Just Released Its Own 99-Peso Sheet Masks

And they claim to be more powerful than your average serum!
Pond's is officially jumping on the K-Beauty train with their own line of sheet masks! The brand just announced the release of their Serum Masks—and they look very promising.These are definitely not your average sheet masks. Pond's Serum Masks claim to have

10 Essential Face Masks for Radiant, Glowing Skin

Sheet, sleeping, or clay? We've got it all!
On days you're lacking in the glow department, a face mask is your no-frills solution for getting your skin back in shape. So whether you're rushing out the door or staying in for a pampering session, here are the ones you can

10 Face Mask Mistakes You're Probably Making

Should you moisturize before or after?
Face masks can do our skin no wrong. They're formualted with all the good stuff for pretty much every skin issue out there, making our skincare (and our lives) easier by default.That said, if you love masking as much as we do, you

5 Reasons Why Using Sheet Masks Every Day Is Good for Your Skin

Are you up for this challenge?
This is probably not the first time you've read an article about sheet masks. In fact, you may have read countless of articles telling you about its different uses, including a remedy for different skin emergencies. Most people do sheet masks two to three

Your Guide to the Best Sheet Masks for Every Skin Concern

Be prepared for skin emergencies!
When a skin emergency hits, we can't think of any other product that can do the job quicker than a reliable sheet mask. Yep, no matter what struggle your skin is in at the moment, there's a mask out there that can

Here's How You Can Buy More Sheet Masks for Less Money

Make it a daily habit!
Your sheet mask addiction might be draining your bank account, so let's take a step back and think of a plan: Is there a way to get glowing skin without spending 100 bucks per masking session? We say, definitely. Keep scrolling to

Review: I Used Sheet Masks for a Whole Week and Here's What Happened

Totally worth it!
What: Taiwanese beauty sheet masksWhat they do:Day 1: Dr. Jou Six essence hyaluronic acid hydra mask sheet - HydratingDay 2: My Beauty Diary Black pearl mask - BrighteningDay 3: Dr. Jou Six essence hyaluronic acid whitening mask sheet - WhiteningDay 4: Dr. Morita Hyaluronic acid essence mask - Long lasting moisturizationDay 5: My

The Dos and Don'ts of Using Sheet Masks

Are you using it the right way?
Sheet masks are a good way to introduce K-beauty to your skin care routine. They are relatively cheap (price ranges from P50 to P300 per mask), and every application leaves your skin feeling soft and looking radiant.Below, K-beauty retailer SoKo Glam discusses the basic

14 Eye Masks That Will Depuff Your Tired Eyes

See the difference.
The price that your undereyes pay for pulling all-nighters is a given. That said, it doesn't mean you're doomed to look like a zombie the day after. Treat your eyes with a good eye cream and boost its benefits with our new

Here's Why You Need to Put on a Face Mask During a Long-Haul Flight

Don't forget to pack one in your carry-on bag!
In case you didn’t know yet, air travel is a wrecking ball in the beauty department. Low cabin humidity sucks moisture out of your skin, which results to surprise zits popping out of nowhere. Long-haul flights are especially worse (say you’re headed

3 Korean Beauty Masks for Every Skin Need

Bookmark this for your next trip to Korea!
Koreans are known for their great skin and poreless complexion. They’ve got skin so fair and bright it almost hurts looking at their face and hearing their actual age at the same time. Thank goodness, they have also gifted humanity with the

This Sheet Mask Hack Will Save You a Lot of Money

Make your own!
Affordable sheet masks usually retail for around 90 pesos a pop, while high-end brands can go for about 300. And although that might not sound like much at first, the cost really piles up the more often you buy them, especially if

6 Sheet Masks to Hoard from Taiwan

A sheet mask a day keeps bad skin away.
So lately we've been into Taiwanese beauty, and with good reason—these guys don't play around with skin care. And if we could only give you one kind of product to hoard from Taiwan, it would have to be their sheet masks. The

3 Face Masks to Address Your Anti-Aging Concerns

Once a week is all you need to erase the signs of time.
For those of us blessed with life experience from our years on Earth, the double-edged gift also bestows us with a dull complexion, saggy skin, and a loss of collagen. Stress can be one part of the problem, but we can't blame

In Praise Of Sheet Masks

Or why you shouldn't go a week without slapping one on.
Skincare is where it’s really at. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup; but there are some days when a girl just wants to walk around with her real face on, dark circles and all. Lucky for us, the rest of the