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8 Chic and Sexy Ways to Style Swimsuits, As Seen on Kylie Verzosa

She has a knack for taking her bikini game to another level!
Bona fide beach babe Kylie Verzosa is serving us the coolest tropical looks. One thing’s for sure: bikinis never look boring on her. She actively finds ways to elevate her beach looks by wearing chic accessories and stylish cover-ups that accentuate her

4 Closet Staples You Can Wear on Even the Hottest Summer Days

It's a hot girl summer— both figuratively and literally.
I don't know about you but today was an insanely hot day. I had a hard time functioning, and I really had to fight the urge to switch on the AC. Today's scorching hot temperature inspired me to check out outfits that

These are Nadine Lustre's 10 Most Stylish Hubadera Outfits

The actress isn't scared to show some skin and we love her for it!
Baring skin is like second nature to Nadine Lustre. And we mean that with the highest of compliments. With the #HijaAko movement rising, it seems fit to look at the style diary of an actress who is never shy to flaunt and

7 Surprisingly Sexy Ways to Style a Simple Knit Cardigan

This ain't your granny's old sweater.
Long gone are the days when cardigans were exclusively a granny staple. Prim and proper in decades past—and, most notably, available in then-trendy, matching top-and-sweater twin sets back in the preppier side of the '90s—these modest knits were dubbed official good-girl gear.

Yes, 50-Year-Old Women (and Older) are Sexy, and Here's Proof

Women of a certain age can still make hearts race.
Free tip of the day: 50-year-old bodies are great.Also: Please ignore Yann Moix, the French author and TV presenter, who made the people of the internet very, very angry, because he declared his total disinterest in older women (50 years old and up),

Editor's Picks: Dress Sexy in These BDSM-Inspired Pieces

Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey and The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy.
Ever since the 50 Shades of Grey phenom almost two years ago, BDSM-themed books have been a staple on bookstore shelves. This season, designers such as Kenzo, Valentino, Tome, and Lacoste provoked sexiness with standout patent pieces while Prabal Gurung, Fendi, and

Fashion Myth Busted: Body-con is NOT the Only Way to Do Sexy

Alternative ways to dress risque.
It’s true that the camera adds 10 pounds, so your favorite celebs don figure-skimming outfits to keep themselves slim onscreen. It’s a valid point, but know that in real life, there’s more than one way to do sexy. Our advice: Show it

Style Shifter: Which Style Looks Best On Sarah Geronimo?

Our eyes are on the birthday girl. But we wonder, is she better off sweet, edgy, or sexy?
We just can’t let the day pass without wishing the country’s pop star princess a lovely birthday.  And as you know, in everything we do, we do with style. We do a little throwback on the style evolution of Sarah Geronimo and

Watch: Pam QuiÑones And Martine Cajucom Share What They Feel Sexy In

Best Dressed girls, Pam and Martine, talk fashion in this behind-the-scenes video.
Get to know two women from this year’s Best Dressed List—Pam Quiñones and Martine Cajucom, who have very different styles but both considered as sexy, and yes, hubaderas. Watch as they talk about what they think is sexy now, what’s currently keeping

Bombshell Waves, Achieved!

Seductive, va-va-voom curls you can do by yourself, without the aid of magic or Photoshop. See our step-by-step tutorial.
Summer is considered to be the high time to flirt and flaunt—it’s the seasonwhen you show off your perfect pins and abs. But if you want a shortcut to being sexy sans dieting and exercise (we still recommend that, though), you can

Never Before Seen Footage Of David Beckham's H&m Ad Now Up

Never Seen Before Footage of David Beckham's H&M Ad Now Up
Oh, David, why do you have to be so perfect? We're pretty sure you've been watching his H&M Bodywear campaign on repeat (we're guilty as charged!) and now the brand just released a longer version which includes never seen before footage! Oh. My. God.