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Instagram Deletes Accounts of Photographers Accused of Sexual Harassment

Including Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian-West's photographers, who are accused of predatory behavior online.
In case you missed it, here are the latest happenings in the world of fashion:Instagram has taken this necessary action after Diet Prada and several models have posted online receipts of the photographers' alleged predatory behavior and sexual harassment accusations. According to

Catcalling Is Now Illegal, Thanks to This Newly Signed "Bawal Bastos" Law

The Safe Spaces Act also bans and punishes other forms of gender-based harassment.
If you’ve ever been harassed, catcalled, or made uncomfortable while you were out in public, then here’s good news for you: Republic Act 11313, also known as the Safe Spaces Act or the “Bawal Bastos” Law, has been signed into law by

Aspiring Model Calls Out a Photographer for Sexual Harassment

According to a now-viral post, Filipino photographer Gem Tugade allegedly threatened Shienalyn Verzosa that he'll also leak her nude photos online.
An aspiring model's test shoot with a local photographer quickly went sour after he allegedly made inappropriate remarks and advances towards her. Shienalyn Verzosa came forward with her traumatic story and recounted the entire experience on her Facebook post, which has gone viral

Miss Earth Candidates Were Allegedly Sexually Harassed During the Pageant

Three beauty queens share their traumatizing stories.
In posts on Instagram, Miss Earth Canada 2018 Jaime VandenBerg, Miss Earth Guam 2018 Emma Sheedy, and Miss England 2018 Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown have declared that they suffered through nearly two weeks of sexual harrassment from one of the recently concluded pageant's sponsors.Jaime stated that her

Fashion Blogger Kryz Uy Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed

"No means no, and you deserve to be respected."
Influencer Kryz Uy posted an emotional vlog recounting her experience with sexual harassment. The video opens to a man approaching and touching Kryz and her instantly pulling away saying, "Excuse me. Don't touch me. That's very rude."Kryz shared, "He walks towards me and suddenly, he

#MeToo: The Movement Opening Social Media's Eyes to Sexual Assault

Let's end this culture of silence. What's your story?
Research by the Center for Women's Resources in 2014 states that someone is sexually assaulted every 53 minutes, and seven out of 10 victims of these crimes are children. In the same report, CWR reveals that reported cases of rape have increased

Mich Dulce Shows Us How to Respond When You Get Groped

Don't let him get away with it.
Designer Mich Dulce took to social media to report an incident of groping that happened when she was in Makati last night. Groping is an unwelcome and nonconsensual form of fondling or touching in a sexual manner, and be considered sexual assault.Mich

A Lawyer Gives Us the Lowdown on Sexual Harrassment

We have here everything you need to know.
On its 22nd year of effectivity, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 (Republic Act No. 7877) aims to protect every individual from work, education or training-related sexual harassment. While not solely for the benefit of women, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995