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5 Places in Seoul Where You Can Take OOTDs Like a Local

As shown by Jess Wilson.
Part of going on vacay are the memories you're able to capture, or in this Instagram-obsessed society, the OOTDs you collect. Last April we had the chance to fly to K-drama capital, Seoul, with Jess Wilson to shoot Louis Vuitton's 2018 Womens

5 Things That Happened at Seoul Fashion Week

Front row ticket to see dancing models, please!
Seoul is a buzzing city making its mark on the world with its lively music, palatable food, well-crafted dramas, and dreamy K-idols! Now, South Korea is on its way to establishing its own sartorial status. Having a unique understanding of fashion and

5 Must-Visit Themed Cafes in Seoul

People don’t just come here for coffee.
There are countless things to include in your bucket list when visiting South Korea. But apart from the obvious (shopping for beauty products at Myeongdong, trying on the traditional hanbok costume, indulging in street food, et al.), there’s one other thing that

A 10-Item Checklist When in Seoul

Seoul searching? Let this guide help you make the most out of your trip!
The capital of South Korea is one of the world's greatest cities with its rich culture, beautiful people, and impressive modern developments. A few days are honestly not enough to explore the entire place, but that shouldn’t keep you from making the most

True Story: I Traveled to Seoul in Search of Korean Guys on Tinder

My pasalubong comes in the form of screencapped treasures.
Once upon a time, I visited a land where kimchi and BB creams are of equal commodity, where K-pop is considered an "institution," where everyone lugged an MCM backpack—be it white, pink or cognac, and where locals have a penchant for extreme spiciness.