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I Started a 4-Step Nightly Routine to Soothe My Sensitive Underarms

Because your underarms need TLC, too!
Full disclosure: I don't have TV commercial-grade underarms, but a year ago I did decide to go on a full-on underarm detox which, honestly, is one of the best skincare decisions I've ever made. The purge actually helped lessen that sweaty smell even

Foolproof Foundation and Powder Combinations For Every Skin Type

Make your foundation last all day!
Whatever your skin type is, there's bound to be a foundation-powder combo that'll work for you. You just need to consider what your skin needs, and find the products that complement each other enough to achieve the base that you desire.Here's our

6 Non-Comedogenic Makeup for Girls with Sensitive Skin

Love the (sensitive) skin you’re in.
The secret formula for me consists of one-part makeup junkie and one-part sensitive skin. While it may be hard to believe that I’m a walking oxymoron, it’s the reality I face everyday. I love everything there is to both love and hate about