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10 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Use Sunlight in Your Selfies

Because natural lighting is the best lighting.
Take your selfie game to the next level using the best light source there is: the sun. Below, we run down 10 celeb-inspired tricks to cop for your next snap session. No art director needed!1. Andrea BrillantesWhen the sun is shining too

6 Apps to Download for Super Cute Selfies

Turn them into works of art.
The filters on Snapchat and Instagram are great, but when you want to impress your friends with cool photos and #art IG stories, get a little help from these free beauty filter apps. They've got a wide selection of filters, adorable stickers, and cute animations. We

This Is the Celebrity Selfie Pose You Need to Learn ASAP

Time to give the fish gape a break.
With 2016 coming to a close, it’s time to retire old selfie standards like the fish gape and the T-rex hands. If our favorite celebrities are any indication, the next It pose to perfect is the super casual “finger to the face.” Or

Is 'Fingermouthing' the Hot New Selfie Pose?

Just dangle your fingers like so.
From duckface to fish gape, to the less popular sparrowface, 2016 sees a new selfie pose: Fingermouthing. While it sounds a tad perverted, it is actually just dangling your fingers near your mouth for a relaxed, careless look―as if you’ve been caught

Does Being Selfie-Obsessed Make You a Narcissist?

Is it really based on the number of selfies you take?
The proof of narcissism, says a doom-saying sort of Internet wisdom, is in the number of selfies people take.But that’s not necessarily true, say psychologists.A narcissistic personality disorder is a psychological condition characterized by extreme self-love and self-regard—or as the 5th edition

Fish Gape Is Officially the Hottest Selfie Trend Now!

Move over, duck face.
In case you didn’t get the memo, duck face is over. Fish gape (yup, that’s what it’s called!) is officially replacing it as the hottest selfie trend on Instagram. Open-mouthed and slightly toothy, it’s somewhat similar to sparrow face—a more relaxed version