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8 Helpful Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues During the Pandemic

Overcome the stress and anxiety that's creeping in this Christmas.
How do you celebrate Christmas when you can't go home to your family? Or if you've lost your job? This year, COVID-19 gives Filipinos more reasons to feel the holiday blues. <p><em><strong>TOP STORY</strong>:&nbsp;<a href="">10 TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix After

5 Things to Do On Your Next Vacation Leave to Actually Feel Relaxed

Go on a planned vacation leave to take care of yourself, especially now.
Before the pandemic, whenever you took a vacation leave from work, it was usually because you were about to go on a road trip or fly off to a different country. Obviously, that's not exactly the best idea right now, but it

Be An Eleven In A City Full Of Sevens

Here's how you can stand out.
In a world dominated by social media, the times are changing and the me-llenials are getting more and more dynamic, sometimes it's hard to keep up. Hate to break it you, but it’s the truth. We are all in a way guilty