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Jinkee Pacquiao Splurged on Designer Hair Ties That Cost Over P13,000

It IS a summer essential, after all.
Let's be honest: We started shopping for summer way before the temperature changed. We know you have a closetful of potential beach OOTDs already, just waiting to be worn. We're guessing Jinkee Pacquiao isn't any different—her family does have their own private

Would You Buy Bae Suzy's Designer Scrunchies in "Start-Up"?

We found her exact faves!
Start-Up fans, if you still can't decide whether you're #TeamDoSan or #TeamGoodBoy, then perhaps we can just all agree that we all want to steal a bunch of Seo Dal-mi's (Bae Suzy) outfits, right? From her bevy of blazers, sneaker collection to

This Is How Instagram's Cool Girls Are Wearing The Scrunchie

Talk about a revival.
Read that title again and again…and for good measure, one more time. Scrunchies are a relic of your Lisa Frank-peppered childhood, and they’re back with a Mansur Gavriel-flavored vengeance. Don’t try and fight it.The taste in our mouths is pretty sweet, actually.

Bella Hadid Makes a Case for This Retro Hair Accessory's Comeback

Remember the scrunchie?
In beauty and fashion, what goes around definitely comes back around. The return of the retro years' style inspos and trends is a testament to that. Take for example, the ever reliable hair scrunchie!Never leaving a dent on your hair, they're colored adornments

Trend Alert: The Scrunchie Renaissance

Does this hair elastic bring back childhood memories or is it better off left buried in the past?
It sucks to be a scrunchie. On one end you have the people who hate it and call it hideous. It’s that ugly piece of elastic they wore as a 6-year-old and to be caught wearing one would be mortal sin. On