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5 Easy Ways to Enjoy a Glass of Scotch Like a Preview Girl

Learn to love scotch with these easy recipes!
There's a lot of misconceptions when it comes to drinking Scotch whisky. For one, it's considered to be one of those spirits that are considered to be marketed towards the older generation, and that the drink has specific rules to be followed

Coco Rocha Is in Manila!

And it only took her a glass of scotch to "book it!"
What does it take to get a supermodel to come to our shores? Simple. A glass of scotch! Well, at least that’s the case for the Queen of Pose, Coco Rocha.Yesterday morning, the mother-of-one was spotted enjoying the Manila heat as she

21 Items For A Cooler Work Desk

Add a dose of fun to your work desk with these cute items.
They say what you wear says a lot about you, and so does your work desk. Make going to work something to look forward to with these fun and quirky desk items that are sure to perk you up every morning. Click