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Would You Buy Camille Co's Closet That Costs P130,000?

Thinking of upgrading your closet? This high-tech piece might just be what you need.
Camille Co seemingly has an endless supply of clothes and killer looks, that we’ve all asked ourselves at one point: What does her closet look like? The answer is, at least partially, a no brainer. It’s huge and it's filled with designer

Samsung's Latest Budget-Friendly Smartphone Is Less Than P4,000

Looking for an affordable smartphone for everyday tasks?
These days, the demand for quality smartphones is on the rise especially now that schools have transitioned to e-learning. Those who don't have a decent laptop can settle for a smartphone that can help you make video calls and do simple everyday

We Tried The Exact Smartphone Seo Ye Ji and BTS Love

It's the most stylish phone of 2020.
If you’ve been tuning into It’s Okay To Not Be Okay or have been following K-culture in general, then you might’ve noticed that there’s a cool new smartphone Korean celebs have been sporting. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t like any other

The Exact Mobile Phone Seo Ye Ji Used on "It's Okay to Not Be Okay"

If she's got killer sartorial style, then she's also toting around the latest gadgets.
Our eyes are on K-drama's most fashionable leading lady right now, Seo Ye Ji, as she stars alongside Kim Soo Hyun in It's Okay to Not Be Okay. She plays the feisty children's book author, Ko Mun-yeong, who's clearly got a taste for

The Dos and Don'ts of Keeping Your Phone Clean in the Time of COVID-19

Did you know that cellphones are said to be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat?
My phone has a Digital Wellbeing app installed, and it shows that I unlock my phone an average of 92.72 times a day. Each unlock is its own story. I unlock my phone while cooking, vaccuuming, reading, eating, and while having coffee

10 Wireless Earphone Alternatives to AirPods

No strings attached.
Most of us probably all had the same reaction when Apple's famous AirPods came out: "This sounds like a recipe for disaster." What if they fall off and you lose them? What if one half just suddenly disappears into thin air, rendering

3 Things to Look Forward to at the Manila Fashion Festival

Innovation and fashion coincide.
Manila Fashion Festival (MFF) has been around for some time. It’s a bi-annual event that celebrates Filipino fashion and craftsmanship. Partnering with over 60 designers and creatives from the Netherlands, this year’s fashion festival is bound to get even more exciting. Apart

4 Gadgets to Make Your Workout Feel Like Less of a Chore

A bit of smart technology can help you get motivated.
It’s not easy to get motivated to work out, but sometimes, the right kind of gear can help you get in the mood (especially after you've spent your hard-earned money on it!). As they say, dress for the part that you want,

We Want Samsung's New 'Phablet'

Fabber than a tablet.
Something in Style Bible stirred when we heard Samsung referred to its two buzzed about devices: the Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ as "phablets." Might as well call it a fab-let, we thought, as ever since we saw this amazing design demo, we've been


Mobile devices never looked this sleek.
Samsung finally takes the wraps off its latest attempt to exceed expectations of a premium smartphone. Set to dominate the market, it introduces its all new flagship model, the Galaxy S6 and its sister, the Galaxy S6 edge.Foregoing the plastic back that Samsung

Rajo, Randy & Rhett For Samsung

Thin, bright, and light fashions to herald the tech brand's latest notebook.
Samsung recently launched its Series 9 Notebook, the thinnest, lightest, and brightest of its kind, and they've tapped Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz, and Rhett Eala to present three collections that represent these same qualities.Rajo Laurel took charge of the "brightest"segment, showcasing glam