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Tips And Toes Compass Series: Down South

We're serving up four nail salons to treat the tips of southern gals.
The south of the metro is best known for its laid-back vibe, so what better way to chill on a lazy day than getting some work done on those tired digits? From way up north to Makati, it’s time we head down

A Girl's Guide To Dudes' Hair

How to get the best mane for your main man.
Cady Heron once said, “your hair looks sexy pushed back.” True enough, a girl’s opinion on her boy’s hair is highly valued. Of course we want them looking fresh 24/7 and we all know it doesn’t end with just great clothes. But

Razor Sports Grooming Bar

Preview's Associate Art Director, Mark Buenaobra, tries out the barbershop sans the usual buzzcuts.
I’m no stranger to a barber shop setting. As a kid, my mom would drag me every week to our neighbourhood barber shop for a forced buzzcut. I can clearly remember disliking how it looked on me, and also how it was

Maldita Studio

We try out Maldita Studio's services.
Maldita Studio is a spinoff from the successful clothing brand, Maldita. They just opened last February. The L'Oréal-exclusive salon had amazingly affordable rates, and we wonder: Do their services garner top-of-the-line results? Read on to know what happened!Jacque de Borja, Fashion AssistantWhat was