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7 Food Mistakes You're Making When You're Trying to Lose Weight

Are you making your salads right?
If you're trying to shed a few pounds, the first thing you need to change are your eating habits (ever heard of the 80-20 diet-exercise ratio?). No matter what kind of diet you're planning on following, there are healthy practices that everyone

Color Of The Day: Yellow

We picked out 28 fab items in sunny hues in celebration of People Power Revolution's 28th Anniversary.
Celebrate today's bright, sunshine-y day with these summer-ready items in People Power Revolution's signature hue: yellow! From swimwear and dresses to shoes and accessories, we've got your shopping list all figured out so go on and click the gallery now and have

Leather Bag Care 101

Because your leather bag deserves some TLC, too.
Admit it, nothing compares to the smell of fine genuine leather. Sure, there are a lot of affordable stylish bags available in the market today; but if there's one thing that every woman must own in her lifetime, it's a genuine leather