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Here's How You Should Wear Polka Dots in 2017

Get spotted.
There's a lot about Jacquemus' Spring/Summer 2017 show that we can't get out of our minds—cartwheel-sized straw hats, dramatic sleeves and shoulders, French Provencale-inspired romance—but what's lingered the longest are the polka dots. Peppered on loose, open-necked blouses, they've spurned a welcome

5 Fall/Winter 2016 Trends You Can Wear in the Tropics

No sweat, from runway to real-life!
One of the greatest trials every fashion girl battles is the weather—in these tropical climes, it can get pretty hard to simultaneously stay on-trend and not, you know, die of the heat. FYI, though, even if you're bemoaning our blatant lack of

Six Collections From Paris Fashion Week For Every Type Of Girl

We've listed six of the best collections and ID which type of girl should be wearing them.
It might be a bit too early to be planning for the summer but from what we’ve seen on the runway, some collections are just worth wearing now. To break it down, we’ve listed six different collections which we feel a certain