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This New Sneaker Will Give You a Comfy Style Boost

It will empower your every step!
Backed by science and innovation, Marcia Kilgore launched FitFlop in 2007 with the belief that comfort and style should go hand in hand. Eleven years later, it is now a tried-and-tested footwear brand that millions of women not only swear by, but

9 Life Lessons We've Learned From Tyra Banks

There's more to learn from Tyra than just smizing and tooching.
Tyra Banks never gets old. After 21 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, you’d think she’d can it just as she did with her namesake show. Surprisingly she still finds something new to do season after season. And with each cycle getting

Jourdan Dunn Boasts About Her Dance Moves

Jourdan Dunn Boasts About Her Dance Moves
Jourdan Dunn has better dance moves than Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss.The trio of models, all of whom are good friends, all enjoy partying, but Jourdan, 24, insists she's the most talented on the dancefloor.She explained: "I have the best dance moves

Hair Horror Stories

When bad hair days are super-sized on the runway.
Let’s face it, hair isn’t just “hair” for models. Be it lengthy straight, insanely curly, or pixie short, a model’s crowning glory is a clincher when it comes to casting or booking big campaigns and runway shows. I mean, would Candice Swanepoel