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How Running Has Changed My Life

Stronger, physically and mentally.
When you have a child, you want to stay alive to be able to witness and experience how his life unfolds. You want to be there for him. This was what triggered my running journey after realizing that my body has started

I Tested Out the "Lightest Running Shoe" and Here's What I Think

Spoiler alert: It motivated me to run more.
What: Adidas UltraBoost X (P9300), which is said to be "the lightest running shoe for women"Current Condition: I'm not a regular runner. I go for a quick jog or do brisk walking when I have time to spare. Prior to slipping into the

Why Running Is a Super Effective Way to Get You Fit

And you can do it anywhere, too.
Most people are hesitant to set a regular exercise routine for themselves. Why? Making the time to work out is one thing, but mostly it's the motivation to really get moving. But if you're looking for something that's easy and sustainable enough

Nike Running Coach Gives 5 Tips to Get Ready for a Half Marathon

A few reminders before the big day.
The big day is just one sleep away! Tomorrow we’re rising extra early to join the 21k half marathon as part of Nike’s Women Victory Tour. We’ve trained. Hard. But if like us, you still don’t consider yourself as a “runner,” then

Why Friends Who Exercise Together Get Better Results Together

Buddy system is not just for elementary girls anymore.
Remember that Pitch Perfect scene with Fat Amy demonstrating her favorite exercise, horizontal running? That’s what we end up doing when our silky sheets triumph over us—and we want to avoid that. It’s true, the most challenging part of our fitness journey is

Nike+ Running Partners with Spotify

Here's a new to motivate runners.
Who here listens to music while running? A lot of us. Notice the number of earbud-wearing runners pounding the sidewalks around BGC - music is their motivation. In fact, there's a growing body of research that claims music can reduce a runner's

Watch: Spotify's New Running App

It picks songs to suit your speed.
We all know about syncing the BPM of the songs we run to, to our fitness goals (READ: These Spotify Playlists Will Help You Burn More Calories), but Spotify takes the work out of that by automating the process. Its new function,

Here's How Nicole Scherzinger Stayed Fit For Cats The Musical

Fitness secrets from the Olivier Awards nominee.
Nicole Scherzinger only made her West End debut last December, but is already up for the Olivier Best Supporting Actress Award in a musical title. The Olivier Awards is the Oscars of British theater so we can only imagine her delight upon receiving

Dashing Beauty

Here's a list of essentials to keep runners feeling fresh throughout the race.
Rexona again pushes you to do more by wanting you to enjoy breaking the record while listening to adrenaline pumping beats at the Rexona Run 2013 Run To Your Beat on October 20, 3am at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. The

Real Running

The “Bentley of running shoes” is now available in the Philippines.
Skora, a lightweight, performance-running shoe brand, is all about endorsing their minimalist design philosophy “Run Real." Taken from the Polish word for ‘skin,' Skora is made for both the serious athlete and novice alike and offers "natural running," or the closest experience to