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Here's How to Wear Lace on Lace Like Tricia Gosingtian

We're loving this sweet and dainty OOTD!
There’s nothing like romantic lace to add a dainty, feminine flair to your summer OOTDs. While it’s easy to rock a one-piece ruffled dress or pair your frilled top with casual denim bottoms, the real zinger is wearing two lacy garments in

LOTD: This Is How You Style Ruffled Shorts the Chic Way

From sugar to spice.
Ruffles are the softest, daintiest trend ever, right? Well, Renee de Guzman is out to prove you wrong, styling a pair of ruffled shorts to look urbane chic, not saccharine-sweet.If you're just not into the whole pale pink, lace-and-florals kind of #aesthetic,

10 Ruffled, High Collar Tops to Shop Now

Fashion loves all things Gothic.
Here's a throwback to the '60s—and we mean the 1860s! This period-film-slash-drama-lovin' author finally watched Sofia Coppola's award-winning The Beguiled some nights ago and was, uh, beguiled. Completely.Look at those clothes. Exceedingly modest but (spoiler alert!) simmering and sensual underneath, they're a reflection

5 Ruffled, Ribboned Looks We're Stealing from Anne Curtis

Too sweet!
We'd be the last to ever declare that the ruffles and ribbons of your childhood should be left there, and Anne Curtis obviously agrees—who rocks the saccharine little girl look better than this full-grown woman? This season, anything sweet becomes ladylike when

How to Wear the Ruffled Top

You're in for the frill of a lifetime.
The ruffled top, seen all over this season's runways and on countless street style stars, can be tricky to pull off for several reasons. One, the added fabric can run the risk of making you look bigger than you actually are; two,