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We Asked Hairstylists to Reveal the Best Low-Maintenance Hair Colors

Don't want to bother with regular touch-ups?
Limiting your trips to the salon and maintaining a beautifully-colored mane aren't mutually exclusive. You can absolutely do both, given that you choose the right hue for the cause. And we know that's easier said than done, so we sought help from

The Best Haircut and Hair Color, According to Your Face Shape

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Salon visits are always better if you have a plan in mind. Below, six stylists share their expertise on how to get the best haircut according to your face shape.HEART (High, prominent cheekbones, rounded cheeks, and a pronounced chin)According to Henri Calayag

3 Hot New Hair Colors to Try This Summer

Yes, ombré is back!
When it comes to color, no one does it like JuRo Salon Exclusif’s Rose Velasco. Her high-profile clientele, ranging from celebrities to editors, can attest to her skills when it comes to tailoring colors that bring out only the best in her