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10 Best Romantic Korean Movies That You Can Watch Online

Fall in love with these romance films starring your favorite Korean actors.
Remember when we rounded up some of the best Korean movies available online for your viewing pleasure? Funnily enough, most of these award-winning films are either serious crime thrillers or hard-hitting dramas. That said, if you’re more of a sucker for love

The Best '90s Rom-Coms to Watch on Netflix This Valentine's Day

Cuddle up to these classics.
It seems like we’re living in an age of unending nostalgia—our thirst for things of the past is more alive than ever. And when it comes to rom-com films, there’s nothing like the '90s. There’s a certain visualization of romance in the

15 Netflix Movies to Watch for the Hopeless Romantic

Grab a pack of tissues and catch all the feels!
No matter how cynical the world may seem, you have to admit we’ve all got that daydreaming lover girl brewing in us, just waiting for that meet-cute movie moment (if you haven’t had it yet), to happen. And in this internet era

Movie Marathon Weekend

We pick out 31 of the best romantic films to get you through Valentine's weekend.
Bring on the cheese! We've been bitten by the love bug and it inspired us to gather our favorite romantic flicks for a full-on weekend marathon. Whether you've spent this month's salary on a Valentine's gift, a single's night out with your