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Jenni Epperson's "glamcore" Birthday Bash

See what happens when the invitation says to come overdressed.
Surely we can count on Jenni Epperson to throw a party the best way she knows how—in style, no less! Especially since it’s her own birthday bash she’s organizing, we’re not exactly surprised that invites were encouraged to come overdressed last Saturday,

The Ramp's Mixology Of Style

Find out what’s in store for their Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 outing
The Ramp Crossings is set to show for the second time at Philippine Fashion Week at 8:00pm on May 22, 2012. Taking center stage are their in-house brands, The Ramp, Mundo, and The Ramp Kids. With direction by Robby Carmona and styling

Feast Your Eyes

Robby Carmona excites with video-mapping at the Bench show.
From the moment the Bench group show started, the audience was already treated to a multimedia feast. Visuals on the stage transformed from the pulsating speakers of a virtual DJ to a roving spotlight along a graffiti wall, ending with a blank