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Some of Kim Kardashian's Stolen Jewelry Has Been Found

Someone discovered it on the sidewalk!
It's not every day you come across a platium-mounted diamond cross lying on the street. Out of the $5.6 million worth of jewelry stolen in a gunpoint robbery at her Paris apartment last October 3, Kim Kardashian has at least one piece back: a

Why the Internet Should Stop Poking Fun at Kim Kardashian's Robbery

She doesn't deserve what happened to her just as much as you don't.
We’ve all seen the articles—reality star and social media maven Kim Kardashian was robbed and held at gunpoint in her apartment in Paris, prompting her to head back to New York City with her family and keep a noticeably lower profile than

Chanel Burglars Are On The Loose

Chanel Burglars Are On The Loose
Police confirms to Vogue that the raiders who broke in the Chanel store on Brompton Road, Houston, Texas are still at large. The five men who walked into the mall’s unlocked doors early morning last Good Friday are still on the loose.