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Tune into this Fashion Industry Talk Hosted by Manila Fame

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The fact that the fashion industry has been hit hard by the global pandemic is known to all of us. Stores have shuttered (some for good), production has halted, and some customers have realigned priorities away from their wardrobes.A number of the

Zacarias1925 S/S 2017

Rita Nazareno continues her brand's penchant for impeccable techniques.
The playfulness and unpredictability of ZACARIAS1925 lives on in their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Their impeccably hand-woven bags seem to fit perfectly into the backs and hands of every strong, creative woman who is practical and committed to her refined aesthetic. The show features

Rita Nazareno Tries Her Hand at Couture

The S.C. Vizcarra creative director takes bag weaving to new heights.
A former senior producer at Fox 11 in Los Angeles, Emmy-winning Nazareno decided to return home to be the creative director of her family business, S.C. Vizcarra, known for hand-woven luxury handbags and accessories. To further her grandmother Segundina’s vision, she is

How I Found My Personal Style After Breast Cancer

A cancer survivor shares how the disease fortified her fashion choices.
Ed's note: To advocate awareness for breast cancer this October, Preview talks to four women who have battled against it and won—one of them is Zacarias creative director Rita Nazareno. Below is her inspiring story on how she saw fashion as an

Designer Spotlight: Rita Nazareno

Former TV exec Rita Nazareno finds a new calling in accessory design.
Rita Nazareno doesn't identify herself as a designer. Not primarily, at least. But she is artistically inclined, and there is no disputing that.The granddaughter of Segundina Cornejo Vizcarra, a pioneer of piña hand-embroidery who opened S.C. Vizcarra, her taller de bordados de