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Would You Buy Pia Wurtzbach's Versace Swimsuit for P31,000?

It's currently on sale, mind you.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's sizzling capital city, seems to be the destination du jour these days (FYI, Filipinos don't need visas to fly over), and real-life queen Pia Wurtzbach is only solidifying its must-see status. Forget Carnival, because the real party is

You Can Find a Piece of Rio de Janeiro in Tarlac

Christ the Redeemer 2.0? They've got ya.
If you've always wanted to jet over to Brazil, we'll let you in on a li'l secret: you can find a piece of Rio de Janeiro over at San Jose, Tarlac! No need for plane rides here.At the Monestario de Tarlac, a