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Using a Period in Text Messages Is Aggressive, According to a Study

Proper punctuation marks are now seen as a sign of annoyance.
We have to give credit to technology for making a lot of things easier. Shopping, learning, and, of course, communication are just some examples. That said, it hasn't made it all 100 percent better.Like every sci-fi movie on artificial intelligence, somewhere along

Buying Luxury Goods Can Lead to Impostor Syndrome, According to a Study

It suggests that owning luxury goods may lead to feelings of inauthenticity.
If you thought spending hundreds of thousands on designer bags and driving around in sports cars will instantly give you a confidence boost, then you could be wrong. A new study conducted by the Boston College Carroll School of Management and published by

Most High Heel Injuries Happen At Home

Just when you thought you were safe.
High-heel-related injuries have doubled in a span of 10 years. A study at The University of Alabama at Birmingham estimated that over 123,355 incidents have been treated in emergency rooms (that’s a lot of limping women). And the surprising thing is, most of