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I Tried Sensory Deprivation Floating and This is What Happened

WHAT: Sensory Deprivation FloatingFloating, or in more scientific terms, “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” or REST, is basically you floating in body-temp water loaded with thousand pounds of epsom salts. You may or may not have heard of it on the internet and

5 Spa Staycation Getaways in Manila for a Relaxing Weekend

Time for some R&R.
So we’ve run out of official long weekends (as far as we know). Fret not, you can always take Saturdays and Sundays off. These five plush hotels on our list know the best ways to unwind with their stay-and-spa packages that often

3 Ways to De-Stress Without Spending a Fortune at the Spa

Treat yourself without breaking the bank!
The secret to keeping the thrill of living a fast-paced and high pressure life is balancing it with equal parts relaxation. But the reality is, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to go on a Eurotrip or book a