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5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Completely Okay When You're a K-Drama Fan

You're in an imaginary relationship with Park Seo Joon anyway!
It's 2021, and before we know it, February has arrived and it's Valentine's Day once again. Love and excitement will fill the air, most especially for couples, while we, single ladies and gentlemen, can’t help but give off constant eyerolls. Don’t get

Erwan Heussaff Tells Us Why Anne Curtis is The One

Before the two tie the knot, Erwan gives us a glimpse into their relationship away from the limelight.
To most of us, Anne Curtis is many things: actress, TV show host, multibrand endorser, a multimedia personality we've come to adore throughout the years. But her husband-to-be, Erwan Heussaff, sees her singularly: a woman who tirelessly gives her all in every

7 Reasons to Travel With Your Boyfriend

Because traveling is best done with the person you love.
You and #bae have been together for a long time now, and you've been wanting to go on an adventure with him to add some excitement to the relationship. However, you find yourself apprehensive and asking a lot of questions: "What will

11 Girl Codes You Ought To Follow

Don't date your friend's ex.
Follow these girl codes and you won't ever have to wonder if you're doing right by your friends.1. Don't date your friend's ex. At least not right after their breakup and she's still not over him—because yes, she'll definitely mind. If you do,

Smell Your Way To Love

The nose knows, doesn't it?
I’ve never heard of trying to find a date based on his scent, but apparently, such a thing exists. Check out London-based matchmaking company, Pheromone Parties. All you have to do is show up with a shirt you’ve slept in for three

Celebrity Valentine

How, where, and with whom did they celebrate St. Valentine's Day? Read on to find out.
We’re still high from the V-day sugar rush that we couldn’t resist giving you guys a round up of our favorite Valentine's Day Instagram posts courtesy of your favorite celebs. Love was definitely in the air in Celebrity-land last February 14, that