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8 Red Lipsticks You Should Try for Chinese New Year

Feeling lucky?
Nothing spices up a lunar new year #selfie better than a red lipstick. Not only will it effortlessly match your outfit (which is probably red, too), it'll also make you twice as photo-ready than any other lip color out there. And in

7 Youthful Makeup Looks That Will Make You Fresh

Sometimes less really is more!
Being experimental with your makeup is fun. You can be wearing burgundy lipstick one day and a nude gloss the next. Makeup doesn't always have to mean a fully made-up face with foundation, concealer, and contour.Of course, there are some days that

How to Wear Red Lipstick, As Seen on Your Favorite Celebrities

Let celebrities, influencers, and makeup artists show you how to wear rouge on your lips!
When it comes to makeup, nothing says bold and timeless like a classic red lip. Feminine and powerful at the same time, red lips have always been a statement look that has helped women feel empowered and glamorous. For centuries, women have

These are Yam Concepcion's Top 3 Favorite Red Lipsticks

She reveals the lippie she uses as Jade Flores, too!
Yam Concepcion loves a good red lipstick—much like her iconic role as Jade Flores in Halik. Since the actress is known for her signature crimson lip on primetime TV, we asked what her personal favourites are and how to essentially layer all

5 Reds That Match Catriona Gray's Miss Universe Lipstick

Cop her winning pout!
Still not over Catriona Gray's winning all-red ensemble for Miss Universe 2018? Neither are we. She's making us fall in love with rouge all over again, particularly with red lipstick. After all, not all of us can wear a custom Mak Tumang ASAP,

50 Celebrity Selfies That Prove Red Lipstick Looks Good on Everyone

In case you were having any doubts.
Red lipstick is an unbeatable classic—it looks good on absolutely anyone. Not only that, wearing it also comes with a ton of benefits: It can give you brighter-looking teeth, make you look younger, and boost your confidence enough to have you take more

Dakota Johnson Is Making a Case for Smudged Red Lipstick

Ditch that lip liner.
Dakota Johnson's beauty look at the Fifty Shades Freed premiere will have you re-evaluating your relationship with red lipstick. Instead of her go-to sculpted pout, the actress went with a blotted red lip you can recreate in a few minutes—no lip liner

LOTD: Here's How Sarah Lahbati Got Ready for #PreviewXXII

You'll want to try this.
When we asked Sarah Lahbati to wear her statement for #PreviewXXII, the actress went above and beyond to deliver. How do we know? We got ready with her!Below, the actress breaks down her full look from the makeup chair , a.k.a. where

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Red Lipsticks

Because a girl can never have enough.
The pursuit for the perfect red lipstick rarely ends. There's always a new shade, finish, and formula to try, and it's a journey we'd gladly go on forever. But as all expeditions go, some sailors reign supreme. Last year's rockstar products were

This Is How to Make Your Red Lip Last Through Noche Buena

While copping Gabbi Garcia's juicy pout!
Wearing a red lip to your Noche Buena may seem like a waste of time, but there are numerous ways to ensure a festive budge-proof pucker. Liquid lipsticks, for that matter, are the best products to swipe on for holiday looks. We

Here's What You Need to Cop Nadine Lustre's Vampy Red Lip

Her makeup artist reveals the exact shade!
Nadine Lustre's makeup artist Jelly Eugenio blessed our feeds and got our red lip envy engines running by sharing this photo on Instagram yesterday:For the anniversary concert of Ang Probinsyano, Nadine wore this matte red lip with simple eye makeup that focused on

This is How Arci Muñoz Does a Red Lip

It's her best-kept beauty secret.
It’s no secret that Arci Muñoz is a talented lady. In between her band and her acting career, did you know that she's also a beauty junkie? A proud owner of many red lipticks, we asked Arci to spill her secret to

Lipstick Shades You Can Use to Cop Nadine Lustre's Vampy Lip

It's the cherry on top of her red carpet look.
Nadine Lustre was a total stunner at the premiere night of her new movie, This Time. Her romantic beaded frock by Mak Tumang set the ball rolling, and it most certainly helped that she also had James Reid as her arm candy

WATCH: How to Wear Red Lipstick in 5 Different Ways

Because there’s more than one use for your favorite tube of rouge.
There are a lot of reasons why we love that classic red lip: for starters, it makes our pearly whites look whiter, second, they make us look (or at least feel) like a movie star. But other than just simply swiping them

The 8 Most Popular Lipstick Shades of 2015

Can you guess which topped the list?
In its first ever Lipstick Colors of the Year Report, London’s Heathrow airport culled together the sales data from its beauty counters to decipher the favorite lipstick shades of women from all over the globe. Infographic via HeathrowAccording to the data gathered, women

10 Must-Have Shades for the Red Lipstick-Obsessed

Because one is never enough.
Never argue with a beauty girl—when it comes to red lipstick, no two shades are ever the same. End of discussion. Which is why, owning one is never enough. From brick to cherry to wine, from satin to sheer to matte, there

The Stars' Red Lipstick Shades, Decoded

We've done your homework for you!
We've already taken it upon ourselves to do the research and decode the stars' most coveted red lipstick shades. Now, all that's left for you to do is to enjoy the fruits of our labor and cop their looks, stat! Scarlett JohanssonSignature red

We've Found the Perfect Shade of Plum for Morenas!

We just can't get enough of deep red lipstick.
Saving the day: Check. Seducing your man: check. Hiding your deep dark secrets: Check. Is there anything red lipstick can’t do?Yesterday, we roadtested some lipsticks from L’Oreal’s Color Riche Star Matte Reds and fell in love with Pure Garnet, the deep plum one.Here's how it