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6 Easy Makeup Looks to Practice Now That You Have the Time

You don't have to miss getting dolled up.
Not gonna lie, makeup is therapeutic. The quarantine's got me missing my routine face beat in the morning before heading out. Getting ready—unhurriedly, taking my sweet time— starts off the day on a resolutely productive and enthusiastic note, and I know I'm

How to Wear Red Lipstick, As Seen on Your Favorite Celebrities

Let celebrities, influencers, and makeup artists show you how to wear rouge on your lips!
When it comes to makeup, nothing says bold and timeless like a classic red lip. Feminine and powerful at the same time, red lips have always been a statement look that has helped women feel empowered and glamorous. For centuries, women have

50 Celebrity Selfies That Prove Red Lipstick Looks Good on Everyone

In case you were having any doubts.
Red lipstick is an unbeatable classic—it looks good on absolutely anyone. Not only that, wearing it also comes with a ton of benefits: It can give you brighter-looking teeth, make you look younger, and boost your confidence enough to have you take more

WATCH: How to Wear Red Lipstick in 5 Different Ways

Because there’s more than one use for your favorite tube of rouge.
There are a lot of reasons why we love that classic red lip: for starters, it makes our pearly whites look whiter, second, they make us look (or at least feel) like a movie star. But other than just simply swiping them

We've Found the Perfect Shade of Plum for Morenas!

We just can't get enough of deep red lipstick.
Saving the day: Check. Seducing your man: check. Hiding your deep dark secrets: Check. Is there anything red lipstick can’t do?Yesterday, we roadtested some lipsticks from L’Oreal’s Color Riche Star Matte Reds and fell in love with Pure Garnet, the deep plum one.Here's how it

How To Get That Annekapal Mouth

Paint your pucker with the star's signature shade.
There’s no denying Anne’s appeal. If her numerous billboards on EDSA, TV appearances, and Instagram posts are any indication, we’re guessing the star loves painting on a red lip. And with lips like hers, it’s no wonder why she loves showing them

Makeup By The Minute

Got only 5 minutes to do makeup? No problem! We teach you how to glam up within your available time through our GIF tutorials.
You don't need a glam team and hours in front of your dresser to look drop-dead gorgeous. As long as you're armed with red lipstick, you can look polished, stat. While there are infinite ways to sport the fiery shade, we teach

Pretty In Paris

Steal two looks from this month's cover girl.
Ahhh, the City of Lights. No other city in the world has the allure and romance of Paris, and what better way to capture that feeling than by wearing two beauty looks that scream très belle? Utilizing tonal shades and bold elements,

Somewhere In Time

Shu Uemura's Mickey See walks us through Kristine Hermosa's retro-inspired prenuptial shoot.
When news broke out earlier this week that Kristine Hermosa and long time love Oyo Boy Sotto tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, we were all dying to see what the movie star wore down the aisle. Although no photos have