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Dessert Air Fryer Recipes You Can Try

Time to try "air baking"!
Air frying is now a thing. The air fryer is the kitchen appliance to have, and its fast and easy cooking abilities is what makes its owners want to cook more than just fry chicken nuggets in the basket.If you're wondering what

This Filipina Gamer Made Mantou Buns Inspired by Animal Crossing

They look almost too adorable to eat!
The Animal Crossing fame continues to soar. Since its global release last March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been getting old and new gamers alike hooked and glued to their Nintendo Switch. And while most people are eager to get their

This Coffee Jelly and Milo Combo Is so Good and so Easy to Make

Add a twist to your favorite gelatin dessert.
Is coffee jelly one of your favorite desserts? If you want to add a nostalgic taste to your cup of sweet and creamy coffee jelly, we found a recipe that puts a "chocolatey twist to this classic dessert by adding" Milo, a popular chocolate

How to Make Delicious Guilt-Free Cookies Using Only 3 Ingredients

Want a healthier option?
Are cookies your guilty pleasure, your favorite snack to munch on, and your go-to sweet when you need something delicious to lift your mood?We totally understand! Cookies are definitely delicious and satisfy any number of cravings you may have. Did you know that

Cooking Your Fave Korean Steamed Egg is Surprisingly Easy

Get eggzited.
Korean steamed egg never gets enough recognition. At Korean BBQ spots, too often people dismiss this dish in favor of the more beloved kimchi or fish cake side dish. But it’s more than that. Traditionally, this is cooked in a hot stone

These Yummy Cheese Crinkles Will Be Your New Favorite Quarantreat

They're super easy to make!
If you're tired of the usual "quarantreats" like sushi bake, pandesal, and basque burnt cheesecake, why not try a classic but with a twist? Presenting: chewy crinkles, but instead of the usual fudgy chocolate, they're made with cheese!If you find the regular

This Scrumptious Red Velvet Crinkle Recipe Does Not Require an Oven

No kidding! You only need a frying pan and a stove.
Let's be real: Red velvet crinkles are just regular chocolate crinkles with red food coloring. But that doesn't stop us from munching on them! The cream cheese filling makes every bite extra special, too!If you're a fan of red velvet crinkles, you

3 Delicious French Toast Recipes You Can to Try at Home

Kylie Jenner's recipe is a must-try.
By the time you finish reading this article and find out how easy it is to make French toast, you'll never want to pay for it in a restaurant again. Take it from me: I grew up believing that it makes sense

A DIY Recipe for Magnum Ice Cream Exists and We Are Mindblown

It's surprisingly easy to make it yourself at home!
You can always count on ice cream to keep you cool during summertime. Though ordering in may be your best bet, craving the sweet cold treat on the daily could soon be a problem for your wallet. An alternative? DIY your own!We’re

5 Celebrities Reveal Their Tried-and-Tested Quarantine Dishes

Looking for a new recipe to try? These stars have some ideas.
Being in quarantine essentially turned everyone into bonafide chefs at home, and celebrities are no different! Our fave stars are turning to their own kitchen to sharpen their cooking skills or simply to recreate their favorite dishes. Fortunately for us, they gladly shared

3 Ways to Make Cafe Mocha at Home

You can make your favorite and hack it at home.
Are you craving the coffee drinks that you had fallen in love with at your local coffee shop? We are too and we totally understand.While coffee drinks can easily be made with a few tips and tricks, making it easy on us

McDonald's Is Now Selling Ready-to-Cook Chicken Fillet

They even released easy recipes on how to make it taste even better!
In case you missed it, McDonald's has started selling breaded, ready-to-cook versions of their famous chicken fillet!Now available in select SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore branches, each pack contains 60 pieces, while those being sold through participating McDonald’s Drive-Thru and Take-Out counters hold