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Take a Tour of Iza Calzado’s Modern Eclectic Condo Unit

The award-winning actress’ high-rise haven in Makati reflects her naughty and nice personality.
It’s safe to say that Iza Calzado’s condo unit in Makati is an achievement built on hard work, patience, and perseverance. After selling her house in Quezon City, the actress began looking for a new home in Makati and acquired this spacious

7 Cool Shoe Closet Ideas We Can Get from Celebrities

See how Toni Gonzaga, Anne Curtis, and other celebs store and protect their YSLs and Louboutins.
Closets—these are the private spaces in our homes that contain our passions and obsessions. And girls and guys alike are definitely obsessed with shoes. But you don’t want to keep your prized collection stashed haphazardly in boxes in your hallway.Get your cue

This Tropical-Inspired Dream Home Is Perfect for a Young Couple

So Pinterest-worthy!
“We knew we wanted a clean and bright house with lots of wood elements. We don’t have children yet so we weren’t worried about [having] white walls and furniture,” shares RJ, who shares this lovely home with his wife, Louise. Since Louise’s

10 Ways to Make Your Favorite Shoes Last Longer

Give those pairs the TLC they deserve.
Whether you bought it from a designer or from contemporary brands, quality shoes don't come cheap and it's a fact. Nobody wants to get just a few uses out of them and then throw them out. With that in mind, you should

How to Give Your Home an Instagram-Worthy Lighting

Light your home right with these helpful tips.
Decorating our homes are a lot of fun—we continuously shop for different accessories and we pay attention to every little detail—but lighting usualy comes as an afterthought. We often forget how much lighting impacts the beauty of our home, when in reality, it

This Is the Ultimate Secret to a Clutter-Free Home

There are no shortcuts to an impeccably clean space but there is one helpful motto that works.
Keeping a tidy home is the goal of every homeowner. However, it requires time and discipline to achieve that—it can be very challenging, especially if you're a messy person by nature. If you struggle with following a proper cleaning schedule, you don't

7 Things We Love About Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones' Super Chill Home

Designed by architect Buji Libarnes, the property highlights clean lines, huge windows, and a chill vibe.
For someone who’s busy and into different passions like motorcycling and surfing, we can only imagine that actor and businessman Jericho Rosales comes home to a relaxing space where he can indulge in a good night’s sleep, enjoy a quick respite outdoors, or simply

8 Common Closet Mistakes You're Probably Guilty of Doing

Here are tips to help you keep your favorite clothes neat and organized.
How many times have you opened a cabinet only to be greeted by piles of wrinkled clothes, dresses in the wrong hangers, and pants stashed away in a hurry? It’s time to confess—we’re all guilty of putting back clothes we chose not

Flowers and Gold Details Take Center Stage at the 2017 Star Magic Ball

See how the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La was transformed into a fairy tale-like venue.
As one of the most anticipated celebrity events of the year, the Star Magic Ball saw the gathering of ABS-CBN’s stars, distinguished guests, and friends from the world of show business. While many were excited to see the stunning gowns and the

10 Best Spots in San Juan for the Ultimate Home Shopping Experience

Here's a list of go-to places as well as new haunts worth discovering.
Believe it or not, there's more to San Juan than buzzing restos and art hubs—this little city in the bordering areas of Valencia and N. Domingo is home to charming home stores, too. If you're planning on doing some shopping, here are some

How to Get the Look of Heart Evangelista's Posh Walk-In Closet

Spend hours primping in an elegant space thatÂ’s postcard-worthy.
If you’ve seen photos of Heart Evangelista’s new home in Quezon City, we’re sure you’ve marveled at the well-chosen accessories, fancy table settings, and rooms that speak of the actress’s impeccable taste. A quick browse through her Instagram account will give followers a peek