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7 Page-Turning Books You Should Read in Your 20s

Our twenties is a weird but transformative stage.
Our early twenties is a weird but transformative stage. We've just officially become adults even though it doesnât feel like it just yet. It's a tricky phase of being too young to be considered old, and too old to be considered young.

A Curated List of Books to Cuddle Up with During Quarantine

Time to carve out a reading nook!
Now's the time to reawaken the dedicated bookworm you were in high school.Seeing the responses we've received on our Instagram post asking readers for content inspo during the quarantine, we've decided to do a list of book recos! We've rounded up books

5 Books to Read on a Rainy Day

Curl up in bed with these literary wonders.
We have been inundated with way more than our fair share of downpours in the past few weeks. Suspension hurrahs, flood-soaked shoes, and overdone “waterproof” jokes aside, we’d be hard-pressed to think of anything better than curling up in bed and cracking

Anne Curtis Gives Us a Peek at Her Library

Consult this list for your next trip to the bookstore.
Even if Anne Curtis has a suuuper busy sched, she still manages to squeeze in some precious time for her books. Being an avid reader, the actress shares all her book hauls on Instagram which you can check under the hashtag #AnnesLibrary.What's on her reading list?

Must-read Books For The Holiday Break

Style Bible editors dish out what they have been itching to read for the upcoming long weekend.
One of the most awaited holiday breaks is a few days away, and we’re already thinking of what we need to catch up on: sleep, TV series, movies, family time, and so much more. Since we’re always looking for something to read,

On Our Reading List

Style Bible editors share what's on their bedside table.
Right before we ring in the New Year, we list down our must-read books and magazines that have been on our bedside table these days. Especially now that there is a short break between Christmas and New Year, we have time to

Must-read: The Recorded History Of A Girl

Celine Lopez's debut fiction novel is now available in paperback.
Looking for a heartwarming read for the holidays? We highly suggest Celine Lopez's The Recorded History of a Girl. Launched last September in digital format only, Celine's first attempt in fiction about a girl named R whose life was unraveled through a series of

Ex Libris, En Vogue

Give a fashionable slant to your holiday reading with a book list inspired by designers' inspirations!
There's no better time to curl up with a good book than the holidays. The nippy weather and the delicious idea of not having to worry about school or work make us want to snuggle under the duvet or nestle into our