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Here's Where to Shop the Chic Rattan Chairs Aubrey Miles Loves

Some designs will cost you under P5000!
Rattan has been having a resurgence these past months, which is definitely good news for our local suppliers. It’s a great material to make furniture pieces from, as The Spruce notes, it is "lightweight and almost impervious and is easy to move

Here's Where You Can Shop the Rattan Furniture Anne Curtis Loves

She has a ton of their pieces in her home!
If you’ve checked out Anne Curtis’ Instagram feed recently, then chances are you’ve noticed the beautiful rattan furniture she’s shared in some of her posts. Rattan, which seems to enjoy a continuing resurgence that started in 2019, is a sturdy, natural material

11 IG-Worthy Rattan Pieces You Can Shop for Your Kitchen

From trays, coasters, to chic organizers!
Filipino handicrafts are some of the most lovely items you can have in your home. Its warmth personified, unlike plastic and metal.Native handicrafts need some love, too. The materials of this kitchenware are made of rattan, a class of renewable fibers that

These Chic Sandals Look Like They're Made from Antique Furniture

You might see a similar pattern on your grandma's vintage home pieces.
We're just inches away from entering 2020 and you're probably already thinking about new ways to revamp your wardrobe and shoe rack for the New Year. A great way to start is by shopping more homegrown brands with unique pieces you won't


And it's better than ever.
What makes this rattan great is its durability and resistance to splintering.On the hunt for interesting furniture that double as art? Take a look at these pieces from German studio Out For Space. Made of fortified rattan—an abundant product found here in our