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11 Legendary Filipino Fashion Designers of Old Manila

Once upon a time when couture was standard, these fashion masters were the ones trusted by Manila's elite.
Back in the day, the elegant and fashionable society women of Manila changed clothes four to six times a day. They, of course, trusted a number of fashion designers to make them look their most impeccable. Here, the Philippine fashion masters trusted

The Ramon Valera Exhibit in CSB Is a Must-See for Fashion Enthusiasts

Explore the genius of the first Filipino national artist for fashion.
The rich history of the Philippine terno will not be complete without Ramon Valera. Being the first Philippine National Artist for fashion design, Ramon is revered for his innovations for the traditional dress. He transformed the baro't saya into a one-piece, removed the

100: The Francis Libiran Fashion Gala

The designer holds a maiden run at the Grand Dame for its centennial.
Manila Hotel celebrated its 100th year anniversary last September 28 in haute couture Filipinana style with a fashion show of Francis Libiran, which, although not the hotel’s first—previous notables who showed at the venue include Auggie Cordero, Ben Farrales, Cesar Gaupo, Pitoy

Freeway Loves Ramon Valera

Freeway pays homage to the first National Artist for Fashion.
Fashion's status as a medium of self-expression is irrefutable, but its cachet as an art form soars when it serves to represent a nation and its history and identity aside from just its evolving sense of aesthetics.That is exactly what Ramon Oswalds